Bookstagrammin’ ?

So are you a bookstagrammer**, if yes, I would love to Follow you.

**This is a rare case – If you wonder what is bookstagram, my dear reader, its nothing but Instagramming books and everything bookish. I’m thinking why it hasn’t been added to the Oxford Dictionary yet ?!

So yeah, if you are a famous bookstagrammer with several K followers or just a newbie, drop me your Insta user name in the comments and i’ll follow you back. 🙂

My user name is @sweety_1009.


(translated as “Come, lets live in the world of Instagram” , a line from a popular Tamil song :P)


hashtag bibliophile 😛



Unexpected company

While B is working nights, I’m all alone at home. I’ve got zero interest to eat, cook, watch TV, read or do anything. It’s like this guy has to be a part of everything I do 😕 I’m going mad, missing him.. 

So on perfect timing, he ordered a gift, a very early Valentine’s it is! After much thought and some budget discussions ( yes, we decide together what my gift will be 😝 ) my first DSLR has arrived. Actually I got it on Monday. But my lack of enthusiasm at everything, especially because he wasn’t there when I opened the Amazon box, made things even more depressing. 

But today I decided that I’ve had enough sulking for the week and decided to experiment with my camera. It’s an entry level Canon DSLR but still, I know nothing about their kind and getting slowly used to all the settings. I had to go learn what ISO meant, how to achieve shallow depth of field and all photography related things from Internet. The first picture I clicked was bad! And there I was thinking I would work magic.. At first glance it looked like my iPhone photos were much better. Then I tried changing few things like ISO and shutter speed and experimented around with a 50mm prime lens.

The entire week I was struggling to pass time and finally fall asleep in an empty house. Today I hardly noticed the clock and only when my stomach started rumbling, I realized I’ve been spending long time with the camera. I’ve learnt little about how changing the aperture, shutter speed could change the picture. Unexpected and a welcoming change!!! 

First picture clicked using 50mm

Love letters in the sand

I read somewhere that sea shells are like love letters in the sand. How beautifully written! 

 I saw in Pinterest where people collect sea shells in glass jars and I had decided to steal that idea. 

Last week when we had gone to the beach, I took some of these lying around in the shore. Since I was busy clicking pictures, I asked B to hold them all. Every time I handed him a shell, little did I know that he kept throwing it into the sea. hmmpphhhhh..He thinks there’s enough kuppai in our house. So much for interior decorator dreams!

Do you collect things? What’s your favourite. Please don’t tell stamps.. 😐 something artsy, crafty..? Anyone?

Wordless Wednesday -05

In an attempt to keep this blog alive, I’m back with Wordless Wednesdays..  Pictures posted are mostly mine unless otherwise stated. 😀

“Imagine that the universe is a great spinning engine; you want to stay near the core of the thing – right in the hub of the wheel – not out at the edges where all the wild whirling takes place where you can get frayed and crazy. The hub of calmness -that’s your heart. That’s where God lives within you. So stop looking for answers in the world. Just keep coming back to that center and you’ll always find peace.” ~Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Edited using Mextures and Vsco Cam


How do you do that!!??

I’m always the first one to shy away from photos the minute i see someone ready to take a pic. People always talk about how photos hold memories, a trip down memory lane yada yada. But i have very few of them to hold close and say ‘wow’ or ‘awwww’ or ‘yayy’. I can count the number of photos taken during school (leaving out the year-end group photo) with both my hands.. Very few of them added to a bad memory, I almost forget how much I laughed, enjoyed or to say..’lived’ those days.. Stoopid me.. :-/

I scurried away from the flashes coming up with blame excuses like ‘i’m-not-photogenic’. No candid shots, no fun moments.. My kids n grand kids would think I had a very dull n boring life.. But then, I’m not totally to be blamed either.. I don’t remember seeing anyone with a digi-cam back then. And camera mobiles were not a thing either.. I was in the 11th grade when i finally learnt how to send an sms. So get the picture.. My convent school did not allow cameras even to trips, except for a few rich kids, who have to hand it over to the teachers while not using them.

All this guilt trip is partially because of bragging about your life on Social networking sites. People live to boast in Facebook. And now professional photography takes it all up to a higher level making anyone go green. Ok Ok.. i digress..

Point is.. I’m starting to love photography (I still am apprehensive about being on the front side of the camera). But i do not have a DSLR to boast i’m good at it. Even if i have one, I don’t think I’ll be able to take amazingly wonderful shots 😛

But now, I do not go green looking at the pictures, how an oh-so-fabulous-moment, or whattey-beautiful-face it is. I just awww at the photographer for such a captivating shot. And its mostly the amateur photographer I talk about. Being on Instagram, I just cant help thinking how do they do that. I mean, a simple picture with the autumn leaves and a shoe is soooo pretty to look at, that i keep wondering how did they manage to take that. I try to take something like that, n the kids playing around in the community stare at me, while my first floor neighbor thinks I’m insane and the maintenance guy thinks I’m taking a picture of something to go against him. :-/

I’ve seen fashion bloggers do their outfit posts.. most of them taken on roads, or in front of a color-contrast backgrounds. I do look at their outfits, ogle at it for few minutes, but my first thought goes to how did she take that out in the road.. Won’t people stare at her.. This has been a forever recurring question on my mind. Talking about selfies.. i’m self-conscious and do take only when I’m alone 😛 especially in my office when I’m the early bird and no one’s around.. 😀

 You have food photography, cloud porn, travelogues and what not.. An there’s one hashtag – #iphoneonly. Seriously the pictures are absolutely wonderful, or wonderfully edited, i’m not sure which. Just everyday mundane things like a coffee mug or a book, or even headphones and i go *sigh*.. I badly want an iPhone :-/

Below two pic are examples of my pathetic attempts to take a pic, casually 😛 In Big Bazaar and terrace.. all along worried who might see me..

IMG-20140601-WA0017        1400904365442

I really need to know how active Instagrammers click away nonchalantly. I’m bored of my office selfies :-/