Love letters in the sand

I read somewhere that sea shells are like love letters in the sand. How beautifully written! 

 I saw in Pinterest where people collect sea shells in glass jars and I had decided to steal that idea. 

Last week when we had gone to the beach, I took some of these lying around in the shore. Since I was busy clicking pictures, I asked B to hold them all. Every time I handed him a shell, little did I know that he kept throwing it into the sea. hmmpphhhhh..He thinks there’s enough kuppai in our house. So much for interior decorator dreams!

Do you collect things? What’s your favourite. Please don’t tell stamps.. 😐 something artsy, crafty..? Anyone?

Day 14: Wordless Wednesday – Beach


Flight tickets booked to Goa and I was all set to have that much needed vacation. But now.. Nothing!! I’ve got to attend a training at work and had to re-schedule everything. Haven’t decided when.. 😞😞

P.S. The pic above was not clicked in Goa 😜 that’s my hometown and that was clicked by yours truly. ☺️

City Love

For the past two years, this place has seen it all… my tantrums, my happiness, my tears and every bit of my overly dramatic life. M leaving in few hours and I know i’m gonna miss this place terribly. However awful the food has been or whether the bathroom lights never work, I’m still gonna miss it. I know i didn’t have the most tolerable roommates, but I will still miss S’s snoring and V’s loud mouth.. The birthday cakes, the treats, the window shopping, The Centenary Library, Pretty little liars, The vampire diaries, RJ Balaji,late night cricket matches…This place is where i had freedom to do anything. This city taught me how to live, how to enjoy and how to survive. I know not whether I’ll be lucky enough to return back to Chennai for my job, but i do long for it. Years back, when i was in Pune, i had the first taste of independence, but i was too young to even understand what it meant. Engineering days were holed up in a remote village. The day I started M.Tech in Chennai was one among the many dreams to come true.

The beaches, the malls, Tiger Cave, Seaside view, Barista, Zha Cafe, IPL matches, my college, Theosophical society, Besant Nagar Church and most importantly the one place we constantly go to, the KFC near my pg. If God and Luck were on my side, I hope that i get to come here again ..