31 days

31 days of meaningless rambles and rants. Thanks to everyone who visited the blog, read the posts, liked them and commented on them. To know that someone has read all the stupid things I wrote here for the past 31 days, makes me filled with happy tears😜 

I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and sorry for not able to comment on them for the past few days. I didn’t have the same josh as last year and I hardly managed to write something before the clock struck 12. 

I thought I should the blogathon seriously and write sensible things. Ha..so much for even thinking about it. Last year, I remember making cheesecake to celebrate this day. Today I hardly made food. 😏

Taking up weight loss challenge and actually working towards it, must be the highlight of this blogathon. But the aftermath has made me very tired and sleepy. I will definitely come back to your blogs and read them in peace once I get used to these small workouts. Until then, thanks y’all, it was fun reading your posts and hope to continue this next year as well. Doesn’t mean, you or me will not write after this month. Hopefully will be back next month with a non-rant post.. 

Of goodbyes

Within a span of one week two of my colleagues have left the project. One of them has resigned to shift to UK. The other, is my manager, the boss who promised me better rating this year at least. So much for trusting.. Hmmmpphhhh..

The other friend, a senior to me, had joined just after I joined our project. We have been pretty close sharing secrets, family stories and of course food. She was more of a sister and I’m terribly missing her next to me. 

Two different people.. Two different perspectives about how they left and what they’ve left behind. Sigh!! 

6 Annoying things to wake up to

So yesterday I had posted about 6 beautiful things to wake up to every morning. I should have added that they were all fictitious and I hadn’t experienced all of them. 😜 So let me point out six things to not wake up to, which happen almost all the time to me.

* The phone ringing on any weekend as early as possible in the morning. An office call for an urgent issue can downright be the most annoying thing to wake up for. 

* Some maniac, somewhere blasting a kuthu song at unearthly  hour of the day. 

* Mothers screaming at the top of their lungs at babies, school going kids in the nearby flats. I don’t blame the moms, but the walls are thin and every word is distinctly heard in our bedroom. 

* that part of early morning, where the AC temperature has just set perfectly, the bed is warm, you are sound asleep and nothing could go wrong. Except, power cut! I hate early morning power cuts, I hate power cut any time of the day. I NEED the fan’s soft sound to sleep. Yes, I’m the kind of person who needs both Fan and air conditioner. I can live without the latter but never without the former. 

* B sleep talking or all of a sudden throwing his leg at me. This happens anytime between 3-5am and enough to make me lose my sleep. 

* I never wake up before 7 and B sometimes is an early bird. At such rare occasions- Oh my god – the noise he makes with closing doors and digging for something in a pile of washed utensils.πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

6 beautiful things to wake up to..

Best kind of mornings..

* When the early morning light slowly falls on your face, you open your eyes only to find your partner looking at you with love

* the pit patter of raindrops falling on the window sill, that awesome smell of wet soil… Rains are the best especially when the sun has just popped.. 

* waking up to the aroma of hot coffee, extra awesome if it’s made from freshly ground coffee.. 

* Waking up to your phone beeping with a text that it’s a local holiday and you can take off. (OK, not a fat chance of this happening in Private sectors )

* Someone somewhere listening to your favourite melody.. And throughout your day, you keep humming it.. 

* Biggest of all, your partner rolling over to your side of the bed, whispering all beautiful lovey-dovey things and finally tells, Don’t need to cook today! 

Pic source – here 

Do guys have moodswings

I would like to know 😐

They say it’s hard to understand a girl. Hello! It’s the same when it comes to guys too. I seriously don’t understand what goes in his mind. I can list so many things.. 

He listens to Sadhguru before sleeping. He forces me to watch it as well. So it happened that the previous night he was listening to some of Sadhguru’s videos in YouTube and his phone must have died out finally and slept. Today morning, he woke up and immediately went for my phone. I thought here goes.. But to my surprise/ shock, he wanted to watch this song. 

First thing in the morning 😳 I don’t understand him.. 😏

Finding the old me

I’m deeply depressed about my increasing weight.. I know I was don’t-give-a-damn kind of person before when it comes to weight. But now, I’m blowing up like a balloon and I’m slowly losing all confidence to take photos of myself. Ok I was always non-photogenic and avoided photographs, but that was totally different. 

Last week B and I, went to this stand up comedy show along with my friend and her husband. She is super thin and has always been like that. Though I was looking forward to meeting her after a long time and especially the show, I was getting cold feet and wanted to not go. Just because we’ll end up taking selfies and il look fat.. πŸ™ˆ 

I know its totally superficial of me to think of myself that way but I couldn’t help it. And yes we took many pictures together and she had posted it on social network and one of our friends from college posted a comment that just burstes the happy bubble I was in.

My mom had bought me a pretty black saree last month and I wanted an elbow-length blouse to go with it. I had imagined all sorts of dreamy beautiful images of me in that saree but when I had actually draped it, I looked like a hot Aunty they show in Tamil movies. No kidding πŸ˜•πŸ˜

It’s time I consider this increase seriously and start slimming down. Or else, I’m gonna have trouble in my happily ever after married life as well. Because I’m not like usual girls, who pester boys about their figure and then fight back for calling them fat. But I’m close to becoming that girl. And B is gonna lose it, some day. 

So today shall mark the beginning of my quest to becoming the old me. My inspiration will of course be clothes shopping. I can get back to my favorite clothes in my old size without turning others eyes in my direction. Yes!! 

Pic source – here