October Unboxing – Books N Beyond Box

Ever since I discovered(?!) book boxes exist in India, I make it a point to get one each month. And Books n Beyond Box has been a favorite now, I do buy from the others but notice how I write a review only for this 😛 Coz its that gooood 😀

The October theme was “Femme Fatale Kicking Arse since Eons” (that’s a mouthful :P)

I have vouched for this box enough times already on Instagram and here, so its enough to say i loved this month’s box. So off to the box contents…

🌟The BOTM is Wonder Woman Warbringer, book 1 from the DC icons series. We do know WW is a kick ass character and there were THREE more items – a Funko, the Wonder Woman patch (instant love!) and a Original (!!!!!) DC comic – based on the character.
🌟And honouring someone from the classics , it was none other than Jane Austen – a bookish pendant that looks vintage-y and gives you all the Victorian vibes…
🌟A spells coaster honoring the greatest witch of her time , Hermione Granger.
🌟 Inej Ghafa Quote designed by my favourite @kitaabee.keera (Check her on Instagram!!)
🌟 A book badge inspired by Arya Stark !
🌟 A t-shirt Quoting from Sarah J Maas book , the queen of YA Fantasy.
🌟annnnnnd Wreck This Journal by author/illustrator Keri Smith – sure to put you off of social media for a while and give work to the right part of your brain
🌟 All in all put together by our Wonder Woman Papiya, the curator of Books n Beyond box.


IMG_5171  I’m having so much fun with Wreck this Journal but you can hardly call it as ‘wrecking’ :P.



Ministry of Magic – Books n Beyond Box unboxing

Hola ! I’m so sorry for taking my blog for granted. I got slammed with too much work and I couldn’t read even a single book in May. I have pending e-galley reviews and book box unboxing posts. This one in particular is the Harry Potter special edition – Ministry of Magic box from BooksnBeyond Box. You might have come across their name in my list of Indian subscription boxes.

So the bookings for this box was opened in February and I jumped right in after seeing the words ‘Harry Potter’. There was so much suspense and sneak peaks given for this amazing box that it drove everyone CRAZY!!

So first things first was the Sorting Hat email that was sent out to all subscribers. We were at a liberty to choose the House we wanted and i chose Gryffindor.

The box promptly arrived in Mid May as promised and in came a world of magic n surprises.

The first thing that bowled me over was the – Acceptance Letter from Hogwarts… signed by Prof. Minerva McGonagall. It was a detailed letter printed on beautiful vintage paper giving it even more rustic look. The next thing that surprised my husband was the magic wand from Blithering Cannon. I was equally stunned after seeing the Gryffindor fact sheet and the customized House Notebook in addition to my first mini FUNKO POP!!!!!. There was a time turner pendant as well which was the most difficult thing for me to capture in a pic 😛


Hermione’s Time Turner 


Acceptance letter

The entire box contents are as follows :

  1. Customized Hogwarts acceptance letter detailing the things that we need to get before school starts.
  2. Hermione’s Time turner pendant
  3. Magic wand (pencil) from Blithering Cannon
  4. Mini Harry Potter FUNKO POP keychain
  5. Customized Harry Potter quote mugIMG_4212
  6. Gryffindor House facts card and customized House notebook
  7. Customized Map of Marauder/HP quote (double sided) bookmark
  8. Customized Daily Prophet bookmark
  9. One way ticket from Platform 9 3/4
  10. Diary Milk Lickables
  11. BOTM – Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


Suffice to say, Books n Beyond Box did justice to the theme and the cost of the box. I totally recommend this book subscription service for Indian bibliophiles.


Indian Book boxes

Wait what, there are book boxes based out of India..here ? like really here?..

I was totally living under a rock for over a year I guess, because last year saw a surprisingly increasing number of book boxes in India. During some random Instagram search I came across one of them and there goes the first line of the post. Then i started digging for other such boxes and surprisingly there are many and they are good and reliable too.

So this list is for all those people like me who are not-so blissfully ignorant of these subscription boxes.

Firstly, what is a book subscription box. Some of you might have know about Owlcrate or similar bookish subscriptions that are majorly operating overseas, some ship to India but the shipping charges and subscription add up to a whooping big amount *sad eyes*

A book box is a monthly subscription service that allows you to choose a plan, suitable for your pocket and based on your plan sends out cute packaged boxes with one or more books *mostly recent ones* along with bookish and fandom items like funko pops, bookmarks, bookish charms, mugs etc. Sometimes there is a theme and you have to be totally open to any book they might send. So, Owlcrate , Illumicrate and all other crates 😛 are mostly suitable for book nerds all over the world except Mera Bharat, that is if you are poor like me 🙂

Some super cool entrepreneurs have now started out to fill this huge void for our desh‘s bookworms and are making us all bookishly happy. In no particular order, here goes..

This is a Bangalore-based book subscription service that sends out monthly boxes catering to every genre out there. You can contact them through email or Facebook/Instagram page and they immediately send out the process details and pricing list. If you are opting for a monthly box, they send out the list of books they are planning to include, so that you will be able to let them know if you already own any of the items in it. But the final book they send you out is a total surprise (from the list, still). They have plans starting from INR 1350  for one month plan (2 books + bookish items ) and more. February theme is “Unbound Love”.

They do special customized boxes on request and check out their Insta page for more on that.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My December box.

I received Persuasion by Jane Austen and My true love gave to me an anthology by Stephanie Perkins  and 11 other authors. A bookish journal, calendar, a beautiful card, a memory jar and loads of bookmarks were inside the box.

This is a bi-monthly book subscription box that sends you Young-Adult books along with bookish items. They have two kinds of boxes – Young Adult (INR 1399) and Supreme YA (INR 2999). The first one has 1 new release book and 2- 3 bookish goodies. The latter has 2-3 new release books and 2- 5 bookish goodies. Their theme for February is ‘Lazy Sunday”. The December box boasted a magnificent hardcover of Nevernight and pretty bookish items that include a MockingJay pin, bookish tote bags and beautiful bookmarks and posters.

Edited- May Box review is here

This book box has monthly and quarterly book subscriptions that are priced out at  INR 1200 and INR 3000 respectively. They also do customized boxes and i recently saw a really cool Legal Book themed box that was beautifully designed and curated by them on their Instagram page. The theme for February is Fantasy and i hear that “Carve the Mark” is on the list. A newsletter is to be started very soon by these guys and they are lookinbg for book nerds to contribute to it. Go check their page for more.

Edited: May Box review is here 

This was recently launched and they ship out their first boxes from February. They have stirred up quite a lot of anticipation among their followers in Instagram, me being one among them. They have named their different subscription plans after Coffee because what goes well with books, right? They have monthly, quarterly and six month plans as well as one Cafe Mocha Limited Edition box that has 3 books (I’m guessing collectibles)and 8 Bookish goodies for a price of INR2999. The Frappe box starts at INR 999, the Espresso box from INR 1599 and The Cappuccino box at INR 2199  per month. Check out their pricing for further details. The February theme is “Romantic Indulgence”.

Edited – review is here

This is also a pretty new startup and have 1,3 and 6 month subscriptions. They are priced at INR 999, INR 2899 and INR 5699. The Facebook page has a form that you need to fill out and you can choose your favorite genre. They have a giveaway that is going on right now, so you can participate for some cool introductory offers. A theme is not yet available in their page.

The nerdy box delivers some really cool bookish items along with a popular and recently released book. Their plans start out from INR 899 for one month, INR 2200 for 3 months and INR 4600 for 6 months. Bookings are open only till 15th of the month and each box contains one book and 3-4 goodies.

If you feel all the above subscriptions are a bit heavy on your pocket, then this one’s for you. Their price range starts from INR 799 per month and if you go for the 3 (INR 2299) and 6 month subscriptions (INR 4494) , per box price is very low as INR 749. The first box was launched in January and had good discounts too 🙂 February theme is “Ready for Anything”.

Oooh i like their name 😉 Their first box included 2 Books (one of it is being made into movie), a PulpyPapaya handmade notebook a Bookmark, a big Note Card for writing your novel ideas and a hand Written Letter all priced for INR 1200. The coming months will include 3-4 books and 10 bookish items !!!.

Books are mostly by South-Asian authors and promote Indian book merchants. They also do customized boxes 🙂 Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur and looking for inspirational books or a travel lover, they customize your boxes based on your interest. Not just limited to Fiction.

A new startup, this one, and they are two months old this February. The themes are “A Lyrical Affair” which goes without saying that it will be poetry and the second one is “Love in A Different Era”. Also their boxes are One Storyed (INR 900, 1 book and goodies) and Two Storyed (INR 1600, two books n goodies).


I hope i have included all the subscription book boxes out there to the best of my knowledge. There is also a Pakistan based book box named The Book Shook, if you wanna give them a try.

*And the disclaimer*

I was in no way “asked” to do this, and the opinions are all mine. If you want to purchase, (please do as they are new startups ) please go through reviews of book bloggers who have already purchased them. Some of them are hosting really good giveaways. Again i would like to make it clear, I’m just putting up a list of boxes available for other bookworms’ benefit.

If you are a new start up and I haven’t listed your name, please drop an email  or comment in this post. Also, bookish merchants out there, this is a great opportunity for associating yourself with the above Book boxes.

I have tried Biblio Box and they are prompt in their delivery and good. I have purchased one box from The Big Book Box and its on the way. I will be trying a new box every month to give a proper review. (Also one per month because I’m poor and not “yet” adopted by the Rothschilds :D)