February Book Haul

I spent waaaay more than i thought for books this month. But I haven’t touched them as i’m still reading off my Kindle. It’s easier as the only time I’m free to read a book is before dozing off and paperbacks are out of the equation.


  • By Your side by Kasie West (Kindle)
  • Half Boyfriend by Judy Balan (Paperback)
  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (Penguin Vintage Classic Edition, Paperback)
  • Emma by Jane Austen (Penguin Vintage Classic Edition, Paperback)
  • Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (Penguin Vintage Classic Edition, Paperback)
  • My Not So perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (Kindle)
  • The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro (Kindle)
  • I’ll give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson (Paperback)
  • How we met by Katy Regan (Paperback)

Apart from these I have received three books as part of my Feb book box. 

So how many new books have you bought? 🙂


The Big Book Box of happiness

If you are reading this and still not aware of book boxes in India, go check my post on the growing number of book subscription boxes in our country, curated with love for all bibliophiles. Like i mentioned there, I got my first TBB (The Big Book) box this month. You can check out their plans from the website here. I’m not an Espresso girl but hey, the Cappuccino boxes were totally adorbs but a bit above my book budget. (I had already done some book shopping online 😥 )

So i ordered myself an Espresso box, a little late i should say and got it after almost everyone in Bookstagram revealed the Readable and Collectible book of the month :/

Nevertheless, i enjoyed and squeaked and did happy dances when i received my box, a gift from me to me, just a day before Valentine’s.


Happy Unboxing!!!


  • Readable book of the month – A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard published on Jan 10 2017!!!!!
  • Collectible of the month -an absolutely stunning hardcover – Dumplin by Julie Murphy
  • A cute little A5 notebook from Daily Objects (How to chill like a Cat)
  • An even more cute little jotter from Limn Designs (Little book of Big Thoughts – Stripes)


  • A beautiful cup and saucer
  • Four Harry Potter House bookmarks, Two magnetic bookmarks (<3 <3)
  • A Gourmet Popcorn from 4700 BCE (Yet to be opened and munched on 😀 )
  • Two tea packets from Teabox India  (Fresh Darjeeling Masala & Fresh Mountain Rose)
  • 6 cute wooden pegs
  • Amazon Kindle discount vouchers

Phew… that was too much stacked in one awesome box.

Not to mention my giveaway prize – 1984 by George Orwell was inside too!!!


My thoughts..

Would totally go for their boxes in the coming months. Love how beautifully they have curated every box. Its worth your money and you get to have some amazing collections to your bookshelf.

The March theme is “Mythological March” and TBB box has already revealed the Readable of the month.. *Drumrolls* Its Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman published on 7th Feb 2017 !!! What are you waiting for… Grab ’em boxes before they are sold out 😀


A very badly taken picture, i know, but i was EXCITED!!!!!


Sarcastically happy

* Even though your mixie has died on you, managing to prepare a last minute masala dal kichdi for lunch

* Rushing to office while the hair’s still wet and the car breaks down and you have to take an auto and Yayyy the hair s super dry by the time you reach to work.

* On the way to office, you stop by at the tailor’s because she’s calling you for measurements since a week and there you find you’ve gained weight as she notes that last month’s measurements do not match today’s. So the new dress will fit perfectly to the new ehmmmm you! 

* Thinking to yourself that your time isn’t good right now and taking a look at the wrist watch that was gifted by the husband back during college and double check it only to find, it has stopped ticking. So no more thinking about bad times, yo! 

* On the way back, stuck in traffic for more than an hour, counting your blessings and contemplating how lucky you are, because thank God the traffic has reduced the number of hours you will be alone home waiting for the husband to reach.

The week can’t get any better 🙂 


Yesterday night saw me crying and brawling and going on a depressed mode. All’s well today and I’m back to my ‘everything’s gonna be alright mode’. 

Sometimes you need to cry and let go off the pain. It’s good to cry! Once all the crying part is done, there comes a quietness, a sense of peace and the situation before you becomes a little clear.Until then it’s best not to decide anything. 

Even though things don’t go as planned, it’s okay.. There’s nothing that hard which I can’t overcome, I say to myself after crying, each time. After all I did succeed in marrying B after a three year struggle. All that thrashing.. And I was strong. So what’s happening right now is merely a phase. This too shall pass.. And one day, I will reach that place where my tears have only one reason – happiness! 

Have a great week ahead, people! 

City Love

For the past two years, this place has seen it all… my tantrums, my happiness, my tears and every bit of my overly dramatic life. M leaving in few hours and I know i’m gonna miss this place terribly. However awful the food has been or whether the bathroom lights never work, I’m still gonna miss it. I know i didn’t have the most tolerable roommates, but I will still miss S’s snoring and V’s loud mouth.. The birthday cakes, the treats, the window shopping, The Centenary Library, Pretty little liars, The vampire diaries, RJ Balaji,late night cricket matches…This place is where i had freedom to do anything. This city taught me how to live, how to enjoy and how to survive. I know not whether I’ll be lucky enough to return back to Chennai for my job, but i do long for it. Years back, when i was in Pune, i had the first taste of independence, but i was too young to even understand what it meant. Engineering days were holed up in a remote village. The day I started M.Tech in Chennai was one among the many dreams to come true.

The beaches, the malls, Tiger Cave, Seaside view, Barista, Zha Cafe, IPL matches, my college, Theosophical society, Besant Nagar Church and most importantly the one place we constantly go to, the KFC near my pg. If God and Luck were on my side, I hope that i get to come here again ..