6 Annoying things to wake up to

So yesterday I had posted about 6 beautiful things to wake up to every morning. I should have added that they were all fictitious and I hadn’t experienced all of them. 😜 So let me point out six things to not wake up to, which happen almost all the time to me.

* The phone ringing on any weekend as early as possible in the morning. An office call for an urgent issue can downright be the most annoying thing to wake up for. 

* Some maniac, somewhere blasting a kuthu song at unearthly  hour of the day. 

* Mothers screaming at the top of their lungs at babies, school going kids in the nearby flats. I don’t blame the moms, but the walls are thin and every word is distinctly heard in our bedroom. 

* that part of early morning, where the AC temperature has just set perfectly, the bed is warm, you are sound asleep and nothing could go wrong. Except, power cut! I hate early morning power cuts, I hate power cut any time of the day. I NEED the fan’s soft sound to sleep. Yes, I’m the kind of person who needs both Fan and air conditioner. I can live without the latter but never without the former. 

* B sleep talking or all of a sudden throwing his leg at me. This happens anytime between 3-5am and enough to make me lose my sleep. 

* I never wake up before 7 and B sometimes is an early bird. At such rare occasions- Oh my god – the noise he makes with closing doors and digging for something in a pile of washed utensils.🙈🙈🙈


6 beautiful things to wake up to..

Best kind of mornings..

* When the early morning light slowly falls on your face, you open your eyes only to find your partner looking at you with love

* the pit patter of raindrops falling on the window sill, that awesome smell of wet soil… Rains are the best especially when the sun has just popped.. 

* waking up to the aroma of hot coffee, extra awesome if it’s made from freshly ground coffee.. 

* Waking up to your phone beeping with a text that it’s a local holiday and you can take off. (OK, not a fat chance of this happening in Private sectors )

* Someone somewhere listening to your favourite melody.. And throughout your day, you keep humming it.. 

* Biggest of all, your partner rolling over to your side of the bed, whispering all beautiful lovey-dovey things and finally tells, Don’t need to cook today! 

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Much expected TV series/ Movie in 2016

As I’m suffering from severe writing block, please expect list type of posts for the next few days. 😜

🎬Game of thrones Season 6

This magnificent TV show’s much awaited and much expected season 6 will be aired on April 2016. Much awaited because the original book series has 5 books, so pretty much the plot of the TV series was known. But the 6th season of the Tv series will reveal what happens next since the author George R.R.Martin hasn’t confirmed the book’s publishing date. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, please do 🙂  

🎬 The Jungle Book

One of our favourite cartoons during childhood. I remember watching it in DoorDarshan with the brother half understanding the Hindi version. Over the years, several movies have been made, (truth be told, I didn’t know it before) but this is gonna be a 3D animation and the trailer is ah-maxing! This will also hit the screens by April 2016.

Most irritating Television Ads

Once upon a time, when there was only DoorDharshan, there was peace as well. The number of advertisements in between the programmes were very less and more importantly less irritating.

These days, the minute ads come up we desperately change the channel because 

  • the frequency has increased
  • Tacky Concept 
  • Break time increases. If your watching Indhiya tholaikatchigazhil mudhan muraiyaga* movies, the number of ads will just test your patience. 

* Toothpaste ads

Top actresses jumping out of nowhere with a mic in hand, asking whether there is salt in your paste.. Our ancestors have long back found the amazing benefits of salt and neem . These toothpaste companies are just using what was once our novelty and their ad concept is annoying.

* Toilet cleaner ads

Just when I’m about to eat something, they show these gross looking graphics of supposedly harmful microorganisms residing in the toilet. I just shut my eyes tight as soon as these ads come. 

* fairness creams ads

Apparently these companies have the logic that being pale is equal to beautiful and have succeeded in changing all our mindsets. And most of the ads have the same concept – After using fairness cream, the protagonist succeeds in making his/her crush fall in love. 

*Men’s deo ads

That particular ad where the guy smells like chocolate and girls run after him to bite him is so irritating. If you use deo, girls will come behind you, because we are that shallow. 

* jewellery store ads

Jewellery Revolution itseems.. Sivaji thatha itseems… All lies.. 

* Soap ads

Not sure it’s an advertisement for soap or how much skin the actress can reveal. 


Enough damage done to this in social media. 

* footwear ad

Top actress, on winning an award reveals the secret of her success is her Chappals!!!!

Mother of all ads that’s down right irritating 

The 4G ad. I can’t even.. 

The list goes on and on. Very few ads have awesome jingles. I remember ARR’s jingles from long back. Even the Leo Coffee ad used to be so soothing to listen to. Some ads have very beautiful and touching concepts. The Complan ad where the mother looks in awe at her grown up boy riding a bicycle was my most favourite. But sadly such kind of ads have rare these days.. 

*Indhiya tholaikatchigazhil mudhan muraiyaga – For the first time on Indian television 

    Paisa worth movies of 2015

    Last year’s Tamil movies were seriously boring. Or I’m becoming old. Some movies did really good at box office but just because of big stars  fan base.. 

    In no particular order, here are few movies that made my money worth it. 

    🔸Naanum Rowdy Thaan

    Even though it was released towards the end of the year, it pretty much made me forget how crappy the earlier movies were. Worth the money and should watch for RJ Balaji fans.


    My husband will kill me if I do not include this in the list. How many times we watched! Omg!!! It’s worth watching for its magnificent visuals but not that many times. 

    🔸Thani Oruvan

    So many people in social media are now having a clear picture of organised crime and the links between news on first page to news on 7th page, thanks to this movie. 


    For those who didn’t watch the Malayalam version, this movie will sure score good points.

    🔸Indru Netru Naalai

    Hehehe I liked it! Not sure about how others took the movie. Nice storyline intertwined with time travel.

    🔸Enakul Oruvan

    Slightly confusing 12B kind of story but good attempt. How often do people try something different

    🔸36 Vayadhinile

    My all time favourite Jo’s re-entry! Story and other characters not that impressive but it was enough for me to watch Jo on screen again!!!😁

    🔸Yennai Arindhaal

    Only watchable Thala movie of the year! Trisha was gorg!! Anushka meh!


    Atharva was Wow! Was not boring like Mass engira.. Or toooo much like Maari. Simple n neat! 

    🔸Kaaka muttai 

    National award winning movie. What more can I say! 

    What were the movies that made you think your 250 rupees and 2.5. Hours was worth it? What made you run from the theatre.. 

    The not-to-do list 

    Ordinary people make the to-do lists. The Extraordinaire make a not-to-do list. 😜 So here’s the I’m-not-doing-this resolutions for 2016. 

    *I will not watch a movie on the first day of its release and worry later about how I had wasted 250 bucks. I will duly wait for a week, look for reviews and then proceed. 

    *I will not give in to spur of the moment decisions and end up buying things which I will never touch later 😬

    *I will never attempt to curl my hair on my own. Period. 

    *I will not read cookbooks to sleep and end up cooking in dreams and none in real life 😆

    * I will not ask my manager for leave like a good kid and end up listening to an hour’s lecture as if my absence is gonna shut the company down. 😏

    * I will not ask the husband to go shopping with me when I’m in desperate search for ‘the kurta’ ( you know the one which is in our mind, but difficult to find in shops, so we go through 5-6 shops in search of it) because he is not that patient. 😝

    * I will not wait until the last dress left in the closet is unfit for wearing, to do my laundry. 

    * I will not attempt to make ice creams, especially the store-bought ones which claim to be easy-peasy. (I ended up eating all of it last time)

    * I will not buy any more indoor plants because I have this rare talent of letting even succulents to die. 🙈

    * I will not turn the front camera ON until I reduce my weight. 

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