Love letters in the sand

I read somewhere that sea shells are like love letters in the sand. How beautifully written! 

 I saw in Pinterest where people collect sea shells in glass jars and I had decided to steal that idea. 

Last week when we had gone to the beach, I took some of these lying around in the shore. Since I was busy clicking pictures, I asked B to hold them all. Every time I handed him a shell, little did I know that he kept throwing it into the sea. hmmpphhhhh..He thinks there’s enough kuppai in our house. So much for interior decorator dreams!

Do you collect things? What’s your favourite. Please don’t tell stamps.. 😐 something artsy, crafty..? Anyone?


Most irritating Television Ads

Once upon a time, when there was only DoorDharshan, there was peace as well. The number of advertisements in between the programmes were very less and more importantly less irritating.

These days, the minute ads come up we desperately change the channel because 

  • the frequency has increased
  • Tacky Concept 
  • Break time increases. If your watching Indhiya tholaikatchigazhil mudhan muraiyaga* movies, the number of ads will just test your patience. 

* Toothpaste ads

Top actresses jumping out of nowhere with a mic in hand, asking whether there is salt in your paste.. Our ancestors have long back found the amazing benefits of salt and neem . These toothpaste companies are just using what was once our novelty and their ad concept is annoying.

* Toilet cleaner ads

Just when I’m about to eat something, they show these gross looking graphics of supposedly harmful microorganisms residing in the toilet. I just shut my eyes tight as soon as these ads come. 

* fairness creams ads

Apparently these companies have the logic that being pale is equal to beautiful and have succeeded in changing all our mindsets. And most of the ads have the same concept – After using fairness cream, the protagonist succeeds in making his/her crush fall in love. 

*Men’s deo ads

That particular ad where the guy smells like chocolate and girls run after him to bite him is so irritating. If you use deo, girls will come behind you, because we are that shallow. 

* jewellery store ads

Jewellery Revolution itseems.. Sivaji thatha itseems… All lies.. 

* Soap ads

Not sure it’s an advertisement for soap or how much skin the actress can reveal. 


Enough damage done to this in social media. 

* footwear ad

Top actress, on winning an award reveals the secret of her success is her Chappals!!!!

Mother of all ads that’s down right irritating 

The 4G ad. I can’t even.. 

The list goes on and on. Very few ads have awesome jingles. I remember ARR’s jingles from long back. Even the Leo Coffee ad used to be so soothing to listen to. Some ads have very beautiful and touching concepts. The Complan ad where the mother looks in awe at her grown up boy riding a bicycle was my most favourite. But sadly such kind of ads have rare these days.. 

*Indhiya tholaikatchigazhil mudhan muraiyaga – For the first time on Indian television 

    The not-to-do list 

    Ordinary people make the to-do lists. The Extraordinaire make a not-to-do list. 😜 So here’s the I’m-not-doing-this resolutions for 2016. 

    *I will not watch a movie on the first day of its release and worry later about how I had wasted 250 bucks. I will duly wait for a week, look for reviews and then proceed. 

    *I will not give in to spur of the moment decisions and end up buying things which I will never touch later 😬

    *I will never attempt to curl my hair on my own. Period. 

    *I will not read cookbooks to sleep and end up cooking in dreams and none in real life 😆

    * I will not ask my manager for leave like a good kid and end up listening to an hour’s lecture as if my absence is gonna shut the company down. 😏

    * I will not ask the husband to go shopping with me when I’m in desperate search for ‘the kurta’ ( you know the one which is in our mind, but difficult to find in shops, so we go through 5-6 shops in search of it) because he is not that patient. 😝

    * I will not wait until the last dress left in the closet is unfit for wearing, to do my laundry. 

    * I will not attempt to make ice creams, especially the store-bought ones which claim to be easy-peasy. (I ended up eating all of it last time)

    * I will not buy any more indoor plants because I have this rare talent of letting even succulents to die. 🙈

    * I will not turn the front camera ON until I reduce my weight. 

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    How do you do that!!??

    I’m always the first one to shy away from photos the minute i see someone ready to take a pic. People always talk about how photos hold memories, a trip down memory lane yada yada. But i have very few of them to hold close and say ‘wow’ or ‘awwww’ or ‘yayy’. I can count the number of photos taken during school (leaving out the year-end group photo) with both my hands.. Very few of them added to a bad memory, I almost forget how much I laughed, enjoyed or to say..’lived’ those days.. Stoopid me.. :-/

    I scurried away from the flashes coming up with blame excuses like ‘i’m-not-photogenic’. No candid shots, no fun moments.. My kids n grand kids would think I had a very dull n boring life.. But then, I’m not totally to be blamed either.. I don’t remember seeing anyone with a digi-cam back then. And camera mobiles were not a thing either.. I was in the 11th grade when i finally learnt how to send an sms. So get the picture.. My convent school did not allow cameras even to trips, except for a few rich kids, who have to hand it over to the teachers while not using them.

    All this guilt trip is partially because of bragging about your life on Social networking sites. People live to boast in Facebook. And now professional photography takes it all up to a higher level making anyone go green. Ok Ok.. i digress..

    Point is.. I’m starting to love photography (I still am apprehensive about being on the front side of the camera). But i do not have a DSLR to boast i’m good at it. Even if i have one, I don’t think I’ll be able to take amazingly wonderful shots 😛

    But now, I do not go green looking at the pictures, how an oh-so-fabulous-moment, or whattey-beautiful-face it is. I just awww at the photographer for such a captivating shot. And its mostly the amateur photographer I talk about. Being on Instagram, I just cant help thinking how do they do that. I mean, a simple picture with the autumn leaves and a shoe is soooo pretty to look at, that i keep wondering how did they manage to take that. I try to take something like that, n the kids playing around in the community stare at me, while my first floor neighbor thinks I’m insane and the maintenance guy thinks I’m taking a picture of something to go against him. :-/

    I’ve seen fashion bloggers do their outfit posts.. most of them taken on roads, or in front of a color-contrast backgrounds. I do look at their outfits, ogle at it for few minutes, but my first thought goes to how did she take that out in the road.. Won’t people stare at her.. This has been a forever recurring question on my mind. Talking about selfies.. i’m self-conscious and do take only when I’m alone 😛 especially in my office when I’m the early bird and no one’s around.. 😀

     You have food photography, cloud porn, travelogues and what not.. An there’s one hashtag – #iphoneonly. Seriously the pictures are absolutely wonderful, or wonderfully edited, i’m not sure which. Just everyday mundane things like a coffee mug or a book, or even headphones and i go *sigh*.. I badly want an iPhone :-/

    Below two pic are examples of my pathetic attempts to take a pic, casually 😛 In Big Bazaar and terrace.. all along worried who might see me..

    IMG-20140601-WA0017        1400904365442

    I really need to know how active Instagrammers click away nonchalantly. I’m bored of my office selfies :-/

    Randomosity* at its fullest

    * Getting ready for office – prancing towards shuttle in search of a window seat – trying hard, pushing , giving in my full strength in opening the window.. phewww…. I’m doing more physical work these days…

    * Watching KKKG movie.. looking deep into the GREEK GOD’S eyes and wondering how come Suzanne Khan can leave him..

    * Why is everyone around me getting married?? I feel awful being left out.. 😐 I do hope I don’t become like Rani Mukherjee waiting forever for ” I Do” to happen..

    * Don’tcha think the Kochadiayaan songs – Bride’s promise & bridegroom’s promise are soo biased.. I mean I do love both these songs.. but the girl’s promise goes like, “I will not doubt you, even if the prettiest girls are with you”. But the guy’s promise never has anything as such 😛

    * I wish my hair grows faster just like my nails.. Damn thing.. has never gone beyond my shoulders 😛 😛

    * How many hours of makeup required for the oh-so-pretty-girl in shuttle to look oh-so-pretty? When do they get time to do all that. *sigh* I hardly find time to get up and take bath…

    * I recently noticed in Instagram that on an average a girl shares 90% duckface selfies, or a pic of their chappals, or their morning coffee..




    *Randomosity – word courtesy – Confessions of Georgia Nicholson


    I swear I wrote this like two months back..  And also another post a month back, both mentioning Rani Mukherjee’s single status… n bammmm she gets married..

    Cry and feel better….

    Don’t be such a cry baby…

    Crying wouldn’t get you anywhere… Doesn’t fix anything!

    I thought you were matured enough to handle stuff.. I didn’t know you are so sensitive..


    Well these are the accusations thrown at me these days… Not that I cry 24×7. Once in a while, the miserable other half of my life wears me out and I end up in tears. Sometimes, I don’t even realize my eyes are welling up. It just happens, you know. All of a sudden, I would remember something, and that would throw me off-guard. And this occurs more than often. Someone mentions family.. I break. Someone mentions a cute niece, I break. Someone mentions marriage, I break. These are the things that are permanently on my anxiety cloud. My parents and my brother are still on their no-talking-to-her-until-she-obliges-for-marriage game plan. And I miss my niece very often, now that she has started talking, I miss her even more. Marriage… well, that’s totally a part of all my rants in this blog. So no more about that.

    It so happened that I cried in office the other day…  Feels stupid now (like everything else I do :P) But it was not for the aforementioned 3 reasons… I cried because I couldn’t answer what my TL had asked. Totally lame, I know… I ended up making him feel bad.. And got a earful from B for crying in front of “strangers”.

    I’ve read that crying makes you emotionally better, but I’m not sure that’s true in all cases. I’ve felt worst and all the more lost, at times. B never likes it when I cry. He says the second line mentioned above. He is all about not losing your ‘cool’, just like his favorite Captain Cool- MS Dhoni.

    I cry over death, break-ups, reunions and weddings in books, movies and sitcoms. I cried hard when they made a memorial for Bonnie in The vampire diaries season-5. I cried when Chandler proposed to Monica. I cried when Holly calls Gerry’s phone, just so she could hear her dead husband in his ‘leave a message’ in P.S I love you. I cry every time I listen to ‘maa’ song from Taare Zameen Par.

    So yes, I’m emotionally unstable… But what would life be without tears…  If it helps in relieving something off, you better cry..