5 Things your Landlord doesn’t tell you

You move in to a new city, look up for places to rent in paper ads and mobile apps. You call some, you check few and finally agree upon one place and decide to spend your next few months/years in there. How truthful is your house broker/landlord.. Or should I put how much is hidden in his/her words..

1. Walkable distance from X and Y.

Almost all the ads would have the above phrase. X and Y could be a school, hospital , bus stop or railway station. But in reality, it is definitely not an easy-5mins-walk in the hot scorching sun. There will umpteen left turns and rights turns that your office cab-wala would burn you with his eyes when he picks you up.

Oh! this is near?!

2. 24 hours of good drinking water.

‘We have bore water that is as sweet as mineral water and it is available almost the whole day’. The ‘almost’ here is an exaggeration. Come summer and you will know that your only source is packaged mineral water.

3. Ten months of rent = advance

‘Bhai, Ye to aapka money hai. Advance amount will be returned back to you when you leave, so don’t mind it’.

You get shocked about the bigg advance you have to arrange for. But your landlord assures you it is relatively very small compared to what others in that locality demand for, because he s a very ‘good’ person. Somehow you convince yourself, it’s your money when you vacate the house. But the surprise in stock for you is need-to-repaint, house-not-clean, that ‘hardly noticeable’ wall crack because of the nail you had hit and many such reasons from the Landlord to swallow up the advance.

When you know the advance you will get

When you know the advance you will get

4. Maintenance and repairs

‘One call, if you have any problems’.

Either he doesn’t pick up or picks up and feigns shocks about the thing not working/broken. He argues and makes you believe that it was indeed in good condition before you came into the picture and You have done something. Oh, it’s your fault and definitely your money that goes into repair.

And the biggest of all,

5. Hot and in demand!

‘You know you are the fourth to enquire about this place for rent, since morning. The place is in high demand. Hurry up and decide ‘yes or no’.

I’ve got nothing to explain about it. Just that, this creates a sort of an urgency in the minds of the to-be-tenant and if the wife is also there, it becomes a sort of competition to get the place.

I’m sick and tired of house hunting. Yes, I’m about to move in to a new place because of tooooo many problems with the current one. Hence the above post! 😤

My little hope story

If someone asks about me to my family, I’m sure they would throw in words like ‘independent’, ‘bold’, ‘outspoken’ in their description. My cousin has always wondered how I can travel alone or how I stay alone at home when parents are out of town. This must sound stupid to some, I agree. But we are from the South and ‘outspoken & independent’ are not the descriptive words people would use for a girl.

The truth is, I’ve been afraid, always. But I’m good at pretending to be brave and hiding my fear. When I was 17, I was packed to Pune and my Hindi was limited to reading and writing. Conversations in Hindi made me run for help. Travelling by auto or even grocery shopping panicked me. All my classes were meant to be in English and not always did it happen in my favor. I was not allowed to call Mummy for consecutive days. My guardian* said that would distract me from my goal. (I didn’t have a goal).

After eleven months of living away from the family and gaining nothing out of that stay, I finally came back home. I did not achieve anything. I did not clear the PMTs. Neither did I learn to speak Hindi fluently. My dad and mom were much more disappointed than me (I was just happy to be back). My dad, who kept telling that his daughter would conquer her fear over Hindi in a matter of few days, was not okay with the fact that I came back as a failure.

I reluctantly took up Engineering (and Biotech, to be precise) in a not-so-popular college. I always had the feeling that I was a loser. Coming first in the department didn’t change it a bit because I scored less than average in my GATE exam. And I hit rock bottom when I failed my TCS interview.

I was looking for one reason, a small silver lining, anything, something to prove I wasn’t a failure. Good news came in the form of M.Tech admissions to my dream University. My parents were again reluctant to send me to a city, alone. But the ticket to Anna University was the answer to all my problems and I was confident about it. I had to persuade my father and for the first time in my life I cried to him about how I thought I was a failure and this was my second chance.

I have always mentioned in this blog about how much this city has changed me. It’s been four and a half years now. I’m working in one of the ‘safest’ MNC’s and I’ve been living off of my hard earned money and I no longer have the need to pretend that I’m strong and independent. I’m living the life of my dreams and it all started with moving in here. Had i not moved in here, had I not literally begged my father, I would have been married, transformed into a mother-of-two and a homemaker. (Not that it’s a bad thing). And I would have been behind my husband for all of my needs, nodded my head in agreement when people talk about ‘clothes provoking a man for rape’ or ‘how girls should not be allowed to work’.

I know that my Dad and my husband are proud of me and I wish that one day my guardian (I miss you!) would call me and say the same thing.

This post is written for Housing.com’s (https://housing.com/lookup) Lookup stories. I have not fabricated anything mentioned above. 🙂

*The guardian – someone very close to me, Dad and brother.

It’s worth the fight…

I sure am taking a long break from here. Crazy-corporate life or is it basically I’m a somberi 😛

My internet connection is ready, and I’ve made up my mind to write more often. I have loads of books to read. I just kept buying, but I feel so awful about them lying on a shelf, untouched… something new for me!! So once all my tests (yeah got 3 more) end on Oct 8th, its reading time again!!!! 🙂

I was going over my previous posts, and boy did they make me smile… I had longed to come back to this city, and now here I am… working in a job I lurrve, living in a city that I had hated to bid good-bye. I feel blessed!!!

Pushing aside my marriage troubles, I heave a sigh of relief… taking a minute to absorb this.. I’m here… The only tiny (not exactly) thing that is bothering me is, it would have been absolutely heaven if he is here… But no…. let me not go there… God gives me whatever I desire, but it takes Him a lott of time, still, I get what I ask for in the end. So, that’s more important.

The joy of getting your first month salary… oh my God…. It’s so am-not-getting-the-right-word-here. But it gives me a self-satisfaction, a sense of pride, and I find myself in that place where I admire myself more for getting what I want. After all these years of studying something else that’s not related to what I had dreamt in school, I knew I would one day, sigh… a huge sigh of relief… like am doing right now. We had personality development as a part of our training, and it was then, these thoughts struck me. The trainer was soo efficient, so much experienced in her field, that she made me realize what and how much this job, this life means to me. I mean it wasn’t only me, she addressed the whole group. But those 2 days did make a difference. I had always felt like a loser. Yes, I had topped my class during college, but never did those things make me happy or give that satisfied feeling. There was something missing always. The trainer was actually talking about regrets in life and how we should be blamed for not trying enough to achieve our goals. Almost all of us in the room had said our parents had chosen what we should study and that was why we weren’t able to live our dreams. Jayshri  (the trainer) just said “You didn’t fight for your dreams, because deep down you weren’t ready. You were unsure where it might lead you to”. That’s it… I had tears welled up, ready to fall.. I wanted to tell her, no, I have been fighting and fighting, and then I realized, maybe yes… I was too scared to follow up. If I had been sure, I would have definitely said “NO” to all those things for which I regret now. I was not confident. I might have actually saved up a lot of years of useless studying of which I don’t remember anything now. But that pep talk, made me glow in pride, coz, among those present in that room, I was the only person who liked where she was, at that point in her life. All of them had joined IT because they “didn’t have a choice”. But not me… Hence the pride, the sigh and all the above senti stuff 😛

What we do and what we decide is based on how much confident we are.  Right now, I’m directing all that confidence and strength towards my fight for him. I know I have not reached that place yet, But I’m getting there. And i know its worth it.




Here i am!!!

I’ve been thinking for quite some time now…about how I should begin this post… should I greet everyone… Nah… that means I’m super happy, which I am, but no… Let me just start by saying, Yes… I’m alive.. 😀

To all those concerned souls, who commented on my previous posts, Thank you sooooo much.. Nothing much happened… No happy news to be shared on the marriage front. But I do have something cheery… I am an Associate software engineer now… Yup 🙂 I joined on 21st August after a lot of struggle. It would look like a movie if I start narrating how things finally ended at home. Like the climax of Indian movies… Now that I’ve crossed that battle and started working, things don’t look that terrifying anymore. Rather it makes up a good story to tell my grandkids. That is, if I get married… 😐

One more year… that’s the time period I have bargained from my parents to let me work… I keep telling myself not to think about what might happen then, but no, my-obsess-about-everything persona takes lead. I don’t even wanna talk about the way he gets irritated if I start worrying. 

 I wish I could say something like this about me… at least someday ….

And mannnnn….. my office is super fantastic… and everyone seems nice there. Like I said before we have to clear 5 exams in order to become permanent. The first one was in June, and I managed to clear it. The next is on Sep 11th. The day after my birthday!!!! I’m turning 25 tomorrow… sigh.. I don’t wanna get old… But the silver lining here is, my batch mates in training(they are my juniors, actually) can’t believe I’ve completed PG and that am their senior. Some guy said he could hear his heart break… HAHAHA…  I know my boyfriend would be pisssed… Yes!!!!!!

Did I mention I have rented an apartment?… Its soo much more fun and sort of matured, to stay on your own. My roomies are god-sent gifts, I guess… really good kids… No more hostel rants here….. 🙂

I expect that my internet connection would get activated in few days. Will post more and visit all my fav blogs after birthday and exam is over.



City Love

For the past two years, this place has seen it all… my tantrums, my happiness, my tears and every bit of my overly dramatic life. M leaving in few hours and I know i’m gonna miss this place terribly. However awful the food has been or whether the bathroom lights never work, I’m still gonna miss it. I know i didn’t have the most tolerable roommates, but I will still miss S’s snoring and V’s loud mouth.. The birthday cakes, the treats, the window shopping, The Centenary Library, Pretty little liars, The vampire diaries, RJ Balaji,late night cricket matches…This place is where i had freedom to do anything. This city taught me how to live, how to enjoy and how to survive. I know not whether I’ll be lucky enough to return back to Chennai for my job, but i do long for it. Years back, when i was in Pune, i had the first taste of independence, but i was too young to even understand what it meant. Engineering days were holed up in a remote village. The day I started M.Tech in Chennai was one among the many dreams to come true.

The beaches, the malls, Tiger Cave, Seaside view, Barista, Zha Cafe, IPL matches, my college, Theosophical society, Besant Nagar Church and most importantly the one place we constantly go to, the KFC near my pg. If God and Luck were on my side, I hope that i get to come here again ..