6 Annoying things to wake up to

So yesterday I had posted about 6 beautiful things to wake up to every morning. I should have added that they were all fictitious and I hadn’t experienced all of them. 😜 So let me point out six things to not wake up to, which happen almost all the time to me.

* The phone ringing on any weekend as early as possible in the morning. An office call for an urgent issue can downright be the most annoying thing to wake up for. 

* Some maniac, somewhere blasting a kuthu song at unearthly  hour of the day. 

* Mothers screaming at the top of their lungs at babies, school going kids in the nearby flats. I don’t blame the moms, but the walls are thin and every word is distinctly heard in our bedroom. 

* that part of early morning, where the AC temperature has just set perfectly, the bed is warm, you are sound asleep and nothing could go wrong. Except, power cut! I hate early morning power cuts, I hate power cut any time of the day. I NEED the fan’s soft sound to sleep. Yes, I’m the kind of person who needs both Fan and air conditioner. I can live without the latter but never without the former. 

* B sleep talking or all of a sudden throwing his leg at me. This happens anytime between 3-5am and enough to make me lose my sleep. 

* I never wake up before 7 and B sometimes is an early bird. At such rare occasions- Oh my god – the noise he makes with closing doors and digging for something in a pile of washed utensils.πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Unexpected company

While B is working nights, I’m all alone at home. I’ve got zero interest to eat, cook, watch TV, read or do anything. It’s like this guy has to be a part of everything I do πŸ˜• I’m going mad, missing him.. 

So on perfect timing, he ordered a gift, a very early Valentine’s it is! After much thought and some budget discussions ( yes, we decide together what my gift will be 😝 ) my first DSLR has arrived. Actually I got it on Monday. But my lack of enthusiasm at everything, especially because he wasn’t there when I opened the Amazon box, made things even more depressing. 

But today I decided that I’ve had enough sulking for the week and decided to experiment with my camera. It’s an entry level Canon DSLR but still, I know nothing about their kind and getting slowly used to all the settings. I had to go learn what ISO meant, how to achieve shallow depth of field and all photography related things from Internet. The first picture I clicked was bad! And there I was thinking I would work magic.. At first glance it looked like my iPhone photos were much better. Then I tried changing few things like ISO and shutter speed and experimented around with a 50mm prime lens.

The entire week I was struggling to pass time and finally fall asleep in an empty house. Today I hardly noticed the clock and only when my stomach started rumbling, I realized I’ve been spending long time with the camera. I’ve learnt little about how changing the aperture, shutter speed could change the picture. Unexpected and a welcoming change!!! 

First picture clicked using 50mm

Absent mindedΒ 

I didn’t know it was Tuesday  yesterday. I didn’t know it until today and that’s why I had written a Wordless Wednesday post on a Tuesday. πŸ˜• 

Have you heard this lyrics from Minnale movie? 

Naatkal neeludhe, nee engo ponadhum… *

(* – days are longer since you’ve been gone)

I’m exactly in that state.. But my husband hasn’t gone anywhere, we’re in the same house, only not at the same time. While I’m in morning shift, he is doing night shift. He leaves by 4pm and I reach home by 6pm. 

After 4 years of long distance relationship, this past year was God given to me. We’ve never ever spent a single day apart.. And now it’s like hell. I talk to a sleepy B before leaving to office and he talks to a sleepy me when he returns back at 2am. I was desperately hoping it was Wednesday yesterday and thinking there was just two more days to go for the weekend. 

This has been a horrible week for me. I don’t  want to rant here, but off late I’m doing only that.. I feel weak, which is partly because I’m sick but also because I miss the male species of the house. 

Someone who is always talking nonsense, 

Who is always pulling me, nagging me to watch this n that on YouTube

who talks cricket walks cricket, lives cricket and makes my ears ache because of all those cricket trivia

who Doesn’t mind what I cook, whether I cook.. 

who is with me , no matter what

who doesn’t just cry for me but also cries along with me

You, yes, You … You are being terribly missed and I really really hope you get to join that stupid big ass company which hasn’t sent your joining letter yet and leave this bpo job and be with me, all the time.. 😭

One year

It’s been one year of living under the same room with B. 😍☺️

One year since my home became ‘Amma Veedu’.

One year of failed kitchen experiments n disasters.

One year of managing financial matters n failing miserably at it

One year of love, fights, mistakes, laughter and mischief.

One year of making plans n never executing them.

One year of less, very less shopping 😭😭😭😭

One year of less books and more of Instagram

One year of short and rushed visit to  our parents’ homes. 

One year !!! 

Day 27: 2011 – Our World Cup story

Back in 2011, when I had just started talking with B, our SMSs where only centred around each teasing the other, he pulling my leg n very very lil dirty talk sometimes from him to check my reaction and a lot of kadalais.. But after the World Cup, I guess that’s when we really really started liking each other. He is very passionate about cricket and I can watch it, try whistling and enjoy the game even though I don’t know much. To me cricket was Dravid n then Dhoni.. 😝 To him, cricket is everything.. I mean this guy just knows how much runs, particularly the number of sixes n fours in all the matches 😳

That was the time I had started liking Dhoni and B is a die hard fan and when I say it, you should spell it. Few weeks back when Dhoni announced his retirement from test cricket, he was on the verge of crying. I kid you not! He.Adores.Him.

Also our mutual dislike for Sachin, gave way to too much of talking n msging during the entire World Cup tournament. (Let’s talk about that Sachin hatred thing later, k? I mean we don’t hate hate him, but we aren’t fond of him just the way we like Dhoni, the selfless man)

I was in final year of engg then, B and I were in different cities and mine was a strict-u college 😝 No cellphones that sort of thing.. So we had dabba phones in hostel that we hide with so much care n use it in secret.. Throughout the series, me n him will be msging each other the score and I could see how excited he is , all from his messages. During the final match, after much demands from us, a big screen was put up in our hostel and we watched the match with the help of projector. I cannot just put in words the fun we girls had, during the match. When Sehwag n Sachin got out, me n B kept wishing Dhoni would change the game. And that indeed happened. All through, messaging in secret coz our hostel wardens were just behind us.. The minute Dhoni had hit that final six the entire hostel was roaring and hugging each other and all I wanted was to see him enjoy that moment. We spoke for long after the match brimming with happiness n pride over Dhoni..
That moment we decided to be together for the next and all the coming World Cups.. And here it is… In few days.. 😍😍