Love letters in the sand

I read somewhere that sea shells are like love letters in the sand. How beautifully written! 

 I saw in Pinterest where people collect sea shells in glass jars and I had decided to steal that idea. 

Last week when we had gone to the beach, I took some of these lying around in the shore. Since I was busy clicking pictures, I asked B to hold them all. Every time I handed him a shell, little did I know that he kept throwing it into the sea. hmmpphhhhh..He thinks there’s enough kuppai in our house. So much for interior decorator dreams!

Do you collect things? What’s your favourite. Please don’t tell stamps.. 😐 something artsy, crafty..? Anyone?

Day 8: Glitter love..

Happiness is..

Adding things to your wishlist and being content that your money is safe for now 😜

Glitter mania
Maybelline color show glitter mania came long back I know. But I had only Starry Night with me which soon dried off coz of careless cousins 😔 . Now my eyes are on Pink Champagne which is absolutely stunning. Next time I go shopping, I’m coming back with this beauty or perhaps all of them 😍