Bookstagrammin’ ?

So are you a bookstagrammer**, if yes, I would love to Follow you.

**This is a rare case – If you wonder what is bookstagram, my dear reader, its nothing but Instagramming books and everything bookish. I’m thinking why it hasn’t been added to the Oxford Dictionary yet ?!

So yeah, if you are a famous bookstagrammer with several K followers or just a newbie, drop me your Insta user name in the comments and i’ll follow you back. 🙂

My user name is @sweety_1009.


(translated as “Come, lets live in the world of Instagram” , a line from a popular Tamil song :P)


hashtag bibliophile 😛



What’s New: Confess Miniseries*

Colleen Hoover’s Confess is my FAVORITE-st book of hers and I JUST LOVED it!!! And when i recently saw the trailer of Confess mini-series on YouTube, it was everything I imagined it to be. ❤

*Awesomeness TV’s Awestruck is producing the series and it is ONLY available on go90 app which is turn only available for US viewers. *Bummer*

This isn’t fair at all. Maybe the producers would reconsider it in the coming weeks!





31 days

31 days of meaningless rambles and rants. Thanks to everyone who visited the blog, read the posts, liked them and commented on them. To know that someone has read all the stupid things I wrote here for the past 31 days, makes me filled with happy tears😜

I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and sorry for not able to comment on them for the past few days. I didn’t have the same josh as last year and I hardly managed to write something before the clock struck 12.

I thought I should the blogathon seriously and write sensible things. much for even thinking about it. Last year, I remember making cheesecake to celebrate this day. Today I hardly made food. 😏

Taking up weight loss challenge and actually working towards it, must be the highlight of this blogathon. But the aftermath has made me very tired and sleepy. I will definitely come back to your blogs and read them in peace once I get used to these small workouts. Until then, thanks y’all, it was fun reading your posts and hope to continue this next year as well. Doesn’t mean, you or me will not write after this month. Hopefully will be back next month with a non-rant post..


Do guys have moodswings

I would like to know 😐

They say it’s hard to understand a girl. Hello! It’s the same when it comes to guys too. I seriously don’t understand what goes in his mind. I can list so many things.. 

He listens to Sadhguru before sleeping. He forces me to watch it as well. So it happened that the previous night he was listening to some of Sadhguru’s videos in YouTube and his phone must have died out finally and slept. Today morning, he woke up and immediately went for my phone. I thought here goes.. But to my surprise/ shock, he wanted to watch this song. 

First thing in the morning 😳 I don’t understand him.. 😏

One more time!

There’s this smart guy who is so full of himself and chooses to consider everyone beneath him. There’s this girl who thinks the world revolves around him. She shamelessly professes her love for him at every given opportunity and he rejects her each time. She writes him a love letter and the big smart ass that he is, circles all the grammatical errors and grades the letter a D and gives back to her. The girl never gives up and finally succeeds in marrying him.

All of you feminists out there would have boiled in rage in hearing this outline. But let me tell you, I love this cute little story. Hehehe.. 😁 it’s a cute Korean drama called Playful Kiss. It was quite famous back in college. Hostel nights were spent watching this short series. I love the girls cute dresses and hairstyle. It will look childish but still u can’t hate it. I even made B watch it once and he liked it, though he kept telling he wouldn’t watch it again 😜

The male protagonist is also a lead singer in a  band and sings absolutely beautiful. The original soundtrack of the series has a song – One more time- by him which I love to the core even though I hardly understand the meaning. 

Today, I watched a few episodes again and went back to those days in hostel and I realised I still like it 😍


Friday finally!

Shabbbaaaa weekend is here finally! Not that I cooked and washed and tirelessly worked the entire week.. But still, that no-office-tomorrow feeling is awesome. I don’t have much to write here, what with 3-4 slices of pizza gone and it’s almost midnight here. So, have a great weekend y’all!!

Here’s a fun fact I came across in Instagram. And I’ve totally copied it. Oh the irony!!

Good times ahead..

Well, when things do happen your way, they happen all together I guess.. A whirlwind of events… all good ones..

And I was travelling to and fro to Chennai and home, every weekend, for a whole lot of wedding shopping. My last post about the wedding shopping saw me at a state where I was sulking about nothing wedding-y happening. But that was totally in the past. With the amount of shopping and all related preps, I’m desperate for some peace. That chain of good things – first of which was – parents and the rest of the family warming up to the fact that I’m marrying someone of my choice. Then I got promoted!! Then the stats in my blog started booming (which i hate to admit was because of the Half-girlfriend review.) And then my favorite author’s book was released on Oct, and the pre-ordered copy reached me on time, Also I couldn’t stop smiling from end-to-end when I got a mail to review a book at the exact same time I got the author signed copy of God is A Gamer from BlogAdda. Not to mention the runner up badge i’m flaunting in the blog for the Indiblogger contest. Andddd in 10 days I’m getting married. Phew!!. Too much happiness.. Touchwood!!

  Surprise from Blogadda 

Shopaholic to the stars



Happily dreaming,


How do you do that!!??

I’m always the first one to shy away from photos the minute i see someone ready to take a pic. People always talk about how photos hold memories, a trip down memory lane yada yada. But i have very few of them to hold close and say ‘wow’ or ‘awwww’ or ‘yayy’. I can count the number of photos taken during school (leaving out the year-end group photo) with both my hands.. Very few of them added to a bad memory, I almost forget how much I laughed, enjoyed or to say..’lived’ those days.. Stoopid me.. :-/

I scurried away from the flashes coming up with blame excuses like ‘i’m-not-photogenic’. No candid shots, no fun moments.. My kids n grand kids would think I had a very dull n boring life.. But then, I’m not totally to be blamed either.. I don’t remember seeing anyone with a digi-cam back then. And camera mobiles were not a thing either.. I was in the 11th grade when i finally learnt how to send an sms. So get the picture.. My convent school did not allow cameras even to trips, except for a few rich kids, who have to hand it over to the teachers while not using them.

All this guilt trip is partially because of bragging about your life on Social networking sites. People live to boast in Facebook. And now professional photography takes it all up to a higher level making anyone go green. Ok Ok.. i digress..

Point is.. I’m starting to love photography (I still am apprehensive about being on the front side of the camera). But i do not have a DSLR to boast i’m good at it. Even if i have one, I don’t think I’ll be able to take amazingly wonderful shots 😛

But now, I do not go green looking at the pictures, how an oh-so-fabulous-moment, or whattey-beautiful-face it is. I just awww at the photographer for such a captivating shot. And its mostly the amateur photographer I talk about. Being on Instagram, I just cant help thinking how do they do that. I mean, a simple picture with the autumn leaves and a shoe is soooo pretty to look at, that i keep wondering how did they manage to take that. I try to take something like that, n the kids playing around in the community stare at me, while my first floor neighbor thinks I’m insane and the maintenance guy thinks I’m taking a picture of something to go against him. :-/

I’ve seen fashion bloggers do their outfit posts.. most of them taken on roads, or in front of a color-contrast backgrounds. I do look at their outfits, ogle at it for few minutes, but my first thought goes to how did she take that out in the road.. Won’t people stare at her.. This has been a forever recurring question on my mind. Talking about selfies.. i’m self-conscious and do take only when I’m alone 😛 especially in my office when I’m the early bird and no one’s around.. 😀

 You have food photography, cloud porn, travelogues and what not.. An there’s one hashtag – #iphoneonly. Seriously the pictures are absolutely wonderful, or wonderfully edited, i’m not sure which. Just everyday mundane things like a coffee mug or a book, or even headphones and i go *sigh*.. I badly want an iPhone :-/

Below two pic are examples of my pathetic attempts to take a pic, casually 😛 In Big Bazaar and terrace.. all along worried who might see me..

IMG-20140601-WA0017        1400904365442

I really need to know how active Instagrammers click away nonchalantly. I’m bored of my office selfies :-/

Randomosity* at its fullest

* Getting ready for office – prancing towards shuttle in search of a window seat – trying hard, pushing , giving in my full strength in opening the window.. phewww…. I’m doing more physical work these days…

* Watching KKKG movie.. looking deep into the GREEK GOD’S eyes and wondering how come Suzanne Khan can leave him..

* Why is everyone around me getting married?? I feel awful being left out.. 😐 I do hope I don’t become like Rani Mukherjee waiting forever for ” I Do” to happen..

* Don’tcha think the Kochadiayaan songs – Bride’s promise & bridegroom’s promise are soo biased.. I mean I do love both these songs.. but the girl’s promise goes like, “I will not doubt you, even if the prettiest girls are with you”. But the guy’s promise never has anything as such 😛

* I wish my hair grows faster just like my nails.. Damn thing.. has never gone beyond my shoulders 😛 😛

* How many hours of makeup required for the oh-so-pretty-girl in shuttle to look oh-so-pretty? When do they get time to do all that. *sigh* I hardly find time to get up and take bath…

* I recently noticed in Instagram that on an average a girl shares 90% duckface selfies, or a pic of their chappals, or their morning coffee..




*Randomosity – word courtesy – Confessions of Georgia Nicholson


I swear I wrote this like two months back..  And also another post a month back, both mentioning Rani Mukherjee’s single status… n bammmm she gets married..