Day 27: 2011 – Our World Cup story

Back in 2011, when I had just started talking with B, our SMSs where only centred around each teasing the other, he pulling my leg n very very lil dirty talk sometimes from him to check my reaction and a lot of kadalais.. But after the World Cup, I guess that’s when we really really started liking each other. He is very passionate about cricket and I can watch it, try whistling and enjoy the game even though I don’t know much. To me cricket was Dravid n then Dhoni.. 😝 To him, cricket is everything.. I mean this guy just knows how much runs, particularly the number of sixes n fours in all the matches 😳

That was the time I had started liking Dhoni and B is a die hard fan and when I say it, you should spell it. Few weeks back when Dhoni announced his retirement from test cricket, he was on the verge of crying. I kid you not! He.Adores.Him.

Also our mutual dislike for Sachin, gave way to too much of talking n msging during the entire World Cup tournament. (Let’s talk about that Sachin hatred thing later, k? I mean we don’t hate hate him, but we aren’t fond of him just the way we like Dhoni, the selfless man)

I was in final year of engg then, B and I were in different cities and mine was a strict-u college 😝 No cellphones that sort of thing.. So we had dabba phones in hostel that we hide with so much care n use it in secret.. Throughout the series, me n him will be msging each other the score and I could see how excited he is , all from his messages. During the final match, after much demands from us, a big screen was put up in our hostel and we watched the match with the help of projector. I cannot just put in words the fun we girls had, during the match. When Sehwag n Sachin got out, me n B kept wishing Dhoni would change the game. And that indeed happened. All through, messaging in secret coz our hostel wardens were just behind us.. The minute Dhoni had hit that final six the entire hostel was roaring and hugging each other and all I wanted was to see him enjoy that moment. We spoke for long after the match brimming with happiness n pride over Dhoni..
That moment we decided to be together for the next and all the coming World Cups.. And here it is… In few days.. 😍😍