Day 24: I – Movie time

Ok I missed a day in this blogathon 😔 I was very tired and also completely blank as to what to write. I mean, I can talk about things for a longgg time that sometimes B pretends to listen. But to write here and make it not boring is reallllly difficult

Today we went for I movie in Phoenix mall after trying to book ticket since the day of its release and failing each time. I was much excited about it but to my disappointment we went nearly 30 mins late. From what I saw, I pretty much liked it and donno why people are giving bad reviews. Vikram’s hard-work, Shankar’s magnificence, PC Sriram’s breathtaking visuals, AR Rahman’s stunning bg score.. It’s kinda lengthy but didn’t make me feel bored like Lingaa or Kaaviyathalaivan..

China was absolutely beautiful.. But i think the flower garden looked a bit unreal?!? Not sure though.. Do watch the movie..

Trisha got engaged and almost all the guys in office have the same sad status. And the husband is feeling too much.. ‘Ayyo trisha trisha trisha ‘ has been his azhukural* these days.. 😜