5 Things your Landlord doesn’t tell you

You move in to a new city, look up for places to rent in paper ads and mobile apps. You call some, you check few and finally agree upon one place and decide to spend your next few months/years in there. How truthful is your house broker/landlord.. Or should I put how much is hidden in his/her words..

1. Walkable distance from X and Y.

Almost all the ads would have the above phrase. X and Y could be a school, hospital , bus stop or railway station. But in reality, it is definitely not an easy-5mins-walk in the hot scorching sun. There will umpteen left turns and rights turns that your office cab-wala would burn you with his eyes when he picks you up.

Oh! this is near?!

2. 24 hours of good drinking water.

‘We have bore water that is as sweet as mineral water and it is available almost the whole day’. The ‘almost’ here is an exaggeration. Come summer and you will know that your only source is packaged mineral water.

3. Ten months of rent = advance

‘Bhai, Ye to aapka money hai. Advance amount will be returned back to you when you leave, so don’t mind it’.

You get shocked about the bigg advance you have to arrange for. But your landlord assures you it is relatively very small compared to what others in that locality demand for, because he s a very ‘good’ person. Somehow you convince yourself, it’s your money when you vacate the house. But the surprise in stock for you is need-to-repaint, house-not-clean, that ‘hardly noticeable’ wall crack because of the nail you had hit and many such reasons from the Landlord to swallow up the advance.

When you know the advance you will get

When you know the advance you will get

4. Maintenance and repairs

‘One call, if you have any problems’.

Either he doesn’t pick up or picks up and feigns shocks about the thing not working/broken. He argues and makes you believe that it was indeed in good condition before you came into the picture and You have done something. Oh, it’s your fault and definitely your money that goes into repair.

And the biggest of all,

5. Hot and in demand!

‘You know you are the fourth to enquire about this place for rent, since morning. The place is in high demand. Hurry up and decide ‘yes or no’.

I’ve got nothing to explain about it. Just that, this creates a sort of an urgency in the minds of the to-be-tenant and if the wife is also there, it becomes a sort of competition to get the place.

I’m sick and tired of house hunting. Yes, I’m about to move in to a new place because of tooooo many problems with the current one. Hence the above post! 😤

Day 4: 5 Annoying Facebook Posts

Almost everyone is on Facebook today. All of us are attention seekers, at some point. We totally wanna brag about our trips, parties and new buys. To what extent, can you reveal all in Social Media ? How much is too much?

There are some really annoying posts and status messages that I have come across in Facebook.

1) Tagging your entire Friends list on your profile picture.

Only a single person would be in the picture but the caption would say ‘with – 53 others’. Those 53 people would have never bothered to change their privacy settings. I find this very irritating, I donno why 😦

2) Re-post:

If you do not re-post this, you would be cursed for the next seven years. What BS?? Jobless fellows send these out and this forms a huge chain. I never bother to share any of that crap however horrifying the threats may be.

And there will be posts like a sad puppy or a daily wages worker with captions saying Nobody will like this and people become all senti and there will be a million likes.

3) Annoying status updates


I don’t have to explain myself here. The picture says it all. This person is from my college and posts stupid updates like  – is sleeping, is walking. Arggghhh!!!

4) Selfie addiction

A selfie now and then is ok.. But everyday?? Please… nobody misses you that much to see the same face, same pouty mouth in different dresses. B’s friend posted a hospital selfie when he got his bone fractured.

5) Too much of love & PDA

A friend of mine had posted a mother’s day special post, adding a picture of her with her mother. You might say there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people tend to show their love in words rather than in person. Okay n all.. but this friend had eloped with a guy years back and since her dad n mine were friends, I know how much her parents were devastated in public.

Feeling blessed/happy with so n so is all ok boss. But why do you get over emotional on facebook, when you are living under the same roof with that person.

Once I found my college professor (!!) has liked a ‘certain’ picture, I un-friended him and even tried reporting the picture as inappropriate. Few days later, I got a message from Facebook that they did not find the page/picture offensive and that it did not violate any restrictions.

Atleast I tried!! 😦

Images : 2, 3 from Pinterest.

8 Tamil Movies to watch on a Date..

Weekend..  And u are practically bored to death.. How does a movie date in your couch with your partner sound??  Married or in a relationship, doesn’t matter.. Watching that favorite movie with him/her is pure bliss…. And all those lists out there, are about English movies.. So how about a list for Regional ones? Here’s my suggestion -Tamil movies, that are perfect for the couch date…

1)      Alaipayuthey

Hehehe… I love this movie.. and being a personal favorite, its definitely on the list. I mean, whats not there to love in this movie.. okay, maybe you don’t catch the dialogues unless the volume is kept high 😀 but then, the entire movie is just sooo nice.. The courting, the bickering… The before love and after marriage love beautifully captured like never before. Living in an unfinished house, marking the dates when they fight !! Not to mention AR Rahman’s music… Love Love Love.. !!

2)      Mouna Ragam

I know half the population of TN would love this awesome movie by Mani Ratnam (Again!!)… Especially the Karthik – Revathi bits… You have the dashing, funny, spontaneous Karthik in the  flashback and the calm, quiet and sensible husband ‘Mike’ Mohan in the main part. A classic, I say.


Raja Rani, released in 2013 is eerily similar to this movie, and maybe added to the list as well. And to add, I actually cried watching this movie.. Lol..

arya_nayanthara_raja_rani_movie_release_posters_36bcfdb.jpg (700×1086)

3)      Minnale

Ohhh I love this one as well.. I was a crazy Maddy fan back then.. The five days that he spends with Reema Sen… A very cute romantic comedy.. Harris’ music was a big time hit when the movie was released. If you ignore the boring college scenes with Abbas, the film is pretty good. But I’m not sure guys would love it.. My sis and me were drooling for most part of the movie. 😛

4)      Kadhalan

Please don’t hate me.. But this movie is awesome… My favorite Shankar movie.. Okay this list is soooo full of personal favorites.. 😀  You gotta love the story of a middle class college-going student chairman and the daughter of the State’s Governor. ‘Ennavale’ song is definitely one among the top love songs of that decade. And a National award does not lie…

5)      Kadhaluku Mariyadhai

I was in my third grade when this movie had been released. This my first favorite pic.. And you can see the damn contradiction in my ‘Likes’. It’s this movie and Alaipayuthey . You forget your love for the sake of your parents in the former, while you elope, get married in the latter.. But then this movie is kind of sweet, and I’ve watched the climax over and over.. So alike my case(inter-caste problems being the similarity here), I kinda wish this happens to me too.. the guy’s mother trying to persuade the girl’s mom..  L

Verdict: Go for it, if you love the slow pace – slow courtship, no hanky-panky stuff…

6)      Kanda Naal Mudhal

Director Priya knows the heart of her female fans too well. Prasanna and Laila hate each other since childhood and are destined to meet again, but this time its love as well as hate that boils between them. A neat rom-com, that leaves you in a feel-good state. This was the first movie that B and me watched together, and surprise surprise he loved it…

7)      Kushi & Sachin

These two are mainly based on aadhi kaalathu story (old formula ). Ego clashes between the girl and the guy, finally falling madly in love with each other, and realizing it only at the end of the movie. Especially in railway stations and airports 😛

A similar one would be – SMS Siva Manasula Sakthi.. more comedy than romedy, I should say..

8)      Unnaale Unnaale

How a relationship should be & should not be… You can learn from this movie.. I mean the guys from my class were practically whistling every minute of this movie… The lesson told:  If you are too possessive. Protective and sensitive, u wil end up alone like Sadha in this movie. Try being supportive, fun & practical like Tanishaa, and your boyfriend will adore you…

Should I include Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya??? The movie is good, but then lead pair do not end up together. I actually watch it till the “Park scene” and finish it off.

I tried not to include tragic serious movies here, even though some of them are awesome romantic ones.. Like Roja (the bestttttt), Guna (and almost all Kamal movies), our very own Titanic – Madrasapattinam, Punnagai Mannan, Paruthi Veeran, 3, 7g Rainbow Colony, Kadhal etc. After all, it’s a fun date. Nobody wants a crying girl on their shoulders… So go on… the cheapest date possible!! But unforgettable as well…

Tip for guys: Your girl will definitely love you more if you chose one movie from the above list.

P.S.I can’t believe I have not included any Thala movies *shocking*

P.P.S. Not just the 5th movie in the list.. All these are no hanky-panky, non- SJ Surya type movies (Oh u can ignore Kushi..) You are welcome to like them, hate them, comment on them 😀