A thousand tears..

I never give up easily..  I try.. I fight.. I struggle..
But if this is how life is gonna be forever… i don’t know whether I will be the same strong person.. Good things come for those who wait. But I’m waiting in vain and in pain. I put up a strong front, while my insides are screaming for miracles to happen.



Pic from Pinterest.

Sleep-deprived confessions

This week has been reallyyy tiring… Shuffling with 7-5 and 11-9 shifts, shopping for mom and dad’s anniversary gifts, more roaming in search of a courier service in my remote-yet-IN-the-city neighborhood to send the gifts home andddd a crazy graduation day meet with friends…Phew!!! Sitting in office, on a Saturday…m seriously dead tired… I need to sleeeepppp..

Keeping up with my New year resolution, I had to post… Thus the origin of this blah-post.. I have managed to find an ok-ok jar for the Happiness project, and started to drop my ‘happy-for-a-reason’ chits inside it.. Oh I’m loving this.. Kinda therapeutic.. hehe.. But sorta sad that people should be reminded of little things that make them happy to make them happyy.. I cant believe its just 10 days since the year began.. I was an emotional wreck for the past week.. pissing off others, and getting pissed of myself for teeny-weeny things.. And everything felt normal all of a sudden yesterday, like the calm after a storm..and it was like I was never that pissed just few days back.. PMS, i say.. is a real bitch!!

Guess what, in my search for the courier services i found a lending library at a not-so-close-yet-not-too-far distance from home.. There was nothing stopping me, no second thoughts!! just walked in, and registered.. 😀 But i do prefer to own my books… anddd that is not so easy for my wallet..  But i rememebered a little wishlist i had made in my i-Pod last June.. Back then, I was not sure when my joining date would be, and wrote that list for things to do when I’ll be back in the city.. The first one on the list was, Buy lots n lots of books or join a lending library… I’m happy that i’m able to cross-off that last pending wish from the list…

This Thursday, I officially graduated.. But just like my UG graduation, we just had to stand when they announced our batch. Thats it..they announced we graduated!! No receiving your degree from the chief guest..nothing 😦 But one thing is for sure.. It was my dream college.. and to realize i finally had a chance to study there is absolutely terrific.. To say your from Anna University is a real pride, here. My mom wanted me to graduate with a medal.. Felt a little sad about that. I was the third in our batch..But nevertheless, I take pride for just studying there. My world changed, literally and figuratively, bcos of this college.. 

And before i get all so senti about everything else, i’l end this here, and shut my eyes for a while..