Day 30: Second chances

Blog about the three things that you have been putting off for the future, which you would do right now if given a chance.

Second chances are like God-given. To right the wrong.. To undo the past.. A chance to turn your if-only’s to I did it! If offered a second chance in life, I would definitely ask to go back to the past, to not grow up and stay with mom. But since I’m given a chance to do something I’m putting off for the future, I cannot list time-travelling 😜

Something I’ve been putting off:
1) To join baking classes – Even though I suck at cooking, I love to bake. There’s nothing in the world that I would want right now. Not even a free trip to Hawaii. Ok, scratch that, I might wanna go. Such a traitor I am.. 😜 But on a serious note, I’ve been wanting to join some proper classes for baking, but the non-availability of said class that would suit my free time or the distance from the place to my house, makes me wanna cry loud. And, the fee! Of course.
If I were given an chance, say like a two or three week holiday, I would run to my school senior, even sleep in her house and learn all that’s there to bake a cake as beautifully as she does.

2) The trip to Bhutan
– Ever since I saw some super duper pics of Bhutan, I just wanna live go there. I have to save more so I could manage to enjoy an international trip with the husband without blowing up our savings. But if given a chance, say, I won a lottery I could easily go. Along with a paid holiday!!

3) See, the thing with the above two wishes is, either I must be paid a hell lot of money or I should be unemployed to take up classes. So, my long time dream is to open a books-cum-cupcakes shop. I can get both my wishes come true, if this one is made possible. Baking like a pro and don’t-have-to-beg-for-leave situation at work !!
Again, if I had the guts and confidence to face my manager, to talk right in front of his nose, to walk off with pride saying that I quit.. If I could do all of that.. I will open my shop!!
If only!!!!

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