Yesterday night saw me crying and brawling and going on a depressed mode. All’s well today and I’m back to my ‘everything’s gonna be alright mode’. 

Sometimes you need to cry and let go off the pain. It’s good to cry! Once all the crying part is done, there comes a quietness, a sense of peace and the situation before you becomes a little clear.Until then it’s best not to decide anything. 

Even though things don’t go as planned, it’s okay.. There’s nothing that hard which I can’t overcome, I say to myself after crying, each time. After all I did succeed in marrying B after a three year struggle. All that thrashing.. And I was strong. So what’s happening right now is merely a phase. This too shall pass.. And one day, I will reach that place where my tears have only one reason – happiness! 

Have a great week ahead, people! 

A thousand tears..

I never give up easily..  I try.. I fight.. I struggle..
But if this is how life is gonna be forever… i don’t know whether I will be the same strong person.. Good things come for those who wait. But I’m waiting in vain and in pain. I put up a strong front, while my insides are screaming for miracles to happen.



Pic from Pinterest.