Good times ahead..

Well, when things do happen your way, they happen all together I guess.. A whirlwind of events… all good ones..

And I was travelling to and fro to Chennai and home, every weekend, for a whole lot of wedding shopping. My last post about the wedding shopping saw me at a state where I was sulking about nothing wedding-y happening. But that was totally in the past. With the amount of shopping and all related preps, I’m desperate for some peace. That chain of good things – first of which was – parents and the rest of the family warming up to the fact that I’m marrying someone of my choice. Then I got promoted!! Then the stats in my blog started booming (which i hate to admit was because of the Half-girlfriend review.) And then my favorite author’s book was released on Oct, and the pre-ordered copy reached me on time, Also I couldn’t stop smiling from end-to-end when I got a mail to review a book at the exact same time I got the author signed copy of God is A Gamer from BlogAdda. Not to mention the runner up badge i’m flaunting in the blog for the Indiblogger contest. Andddd in 10 days I’m getting married. Phew!!. Too much happiness.. Touchwood!!

  Surprise from Blogadda 

Shopaholic to the stars



Happily dreaming,


Into that era of Social Banking.. Let My Country Awake..

Ever heard of this… A Facebook account is required for opening a bank account!!??!!.. Yeah… Here comes the era of Social Banking.. wait whaat!!..  All account related updates, like your account balance, your transactions etc are just a tweet away.

So, Jifi is here.. Kotak Mahindra has come up with this new age banking where you can maintain a no-minimum balance, non-interest bearing account. You can get interest for your money, when your balance goes a little over than Rs.25000, after which you can move it to Term Deposit (TD) and earn huge interests for a 180 days deposit.


We have come across phone banking & net banking, for which your require obviously, an internet pack and your phone/laptop. 😛 So for social banking, what is needed is… In addition to net pack, a phone, you also require a Twitter account.

Will my zero balance be advertised on Twitter world?.. No.. its all secure, and your account updates are sent only as Direct messages (DM) to you.

The one thing that really caught my eye… You get transaction points for every like or comment you make on Kotak Jifi and Kotak Bank Facebook pages. A transaction point equals Rs.1.

As soon a I signed up for the account (Right now, its an invitation only account),and share it with friends on my Facebook circle, my Jifi dashboard is active. Along with 100 social points.

So what can I do with my Transaction points and Social Points.. Redeem them with super awesome discount vouchers.. Annnndd the list of the vouchers goes on and on..

kotak_1 kotak_2


So how do you earn these Reward points…

  • Transaction Points are earned when you do an online transaction of Rs.500 or more. Booom.. you get 25 TP.
  • Also, if you refer a friend for Jifi, and your friend’s account gets activated, show off with your 250 TP!!!
  • Social points are earned for every like or comment you make on Kotak’s facebook pages



One VERY important feature. How many of us have a budget app, an expense manager to keep an account of all things running out of our wallet.. How cool will it be if your bank manages that for you.. like a personal finance assistant.. The Kotak Money Watch (KMW) is bulit just for that. You just cant simply ignore it.. I mean, it keeps track of all your transactions, it calculates your income tax automatically and for all you report freaks.. you can now have your spending patterns, profits, capital gains converted into reports. It lets you store your finance related docs online too. And… whats more.. its free for the first year..

What’s more :

  • On-the-go Banking App.
  • Once your account gets activated, you get a privileged Platinum Chip Card with purchase limit of Rs.2 Lakhs and a lost card liability insurance of Rs.2 Lakhs. Free for the first year.

All this sounds pretty hi-techy..and cool. One thing’s for sure, its made for socially active, smart-phone owning, wants work done in-a-jiffy kinda people . You cant expect someone who doesn’t know how to use Twitter, or never heard of it before, engage in something alien as Social Banking. But it can happen. I mean, one day people everywhere will be using it and that’s when you realize how technology-wise we have updated ourselves.

Until then, Let my Country Awake Father, into the Era of Social Banking..

You can check out this link to Jifi from here, to know more. This post is written for the blogging contest conducted by Indiblogger & Kotak Mahindra