Game of Thrones – Season Premiere |No Spoilers

I just watched the last season premiere we’re gonna get for this amazing series and I can’t keep calm!!!! This post is mostly gibberish because I haven’t yet had a moment to calm down.

Winterfell, so beautiful

No spoilers ahead! I would kill anyone who would spoil for me so I wouldn’t do that to you either. But watch out for the below snippet.


Let me tell you, there was just one goosebumps moment for me in the entire episode. Reunions were expected and we were granted that. The ending was creep af. With two people, meeting after a long time.. A reunion we never expected.


Yesterday I subscribed to Hotstar after two years πŸ˜€ The last time I even used it was for Season 7 of the GoT and it has been 595 days of waiting. I was so excited to watch it on a bigger screen (thanks to Smart TV) but no thanks to Hotstar it just wouldn’t work from there. Nevertheless we watched the Premiere from laptop, as usual.

And did y’all hear about the upcoming episode lengths. The first episode is the shortest in the season and we have the third episode at 1 hr 22 min :O

Cant wait for next week!!! I can’t believe I’m waiting for a Monday, of all days!!




Much expected TV series/ Movie in 2016

As I’m suffering from severe writing block, please expect list type of posts for the next few days. 😜

🎬Game of thrones Season 6

This magnificent TV show’s much awaited and much expected season 6 will be aired on April 2016. Much awaited because the original book series has 5 books, so pretty much the plot of the TV series was known. But the 6th season of the Tv series will reveal what happens next since the author George R.R.Martin hasn’t confirmed the book’s publishing date. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, please do πŸ™‚  

🎬 The Jungle Book

One of our favourite cartoons during childhood. I remember watching it in DoorDarshan with the brother half understanding the Hindi version. Over the years, several movies have been made, (truth be told, I didn’t know it before) but this is gonna be a 3D animation and the trailer is ah-maxing! This will also hit the screens by April 2016.