Mother, Can you not? – Book review

How often have you thought that your relationship with your mother couldn’t get any more crazy. We think mothers just don’t understand how it is.. well, let me tell you. She might drive you crazy but there’s nothing in the world that she would want other than you, your happiness and your safety.

Mother, Can you not? is a funny essay collection by Kate Siegel based on her relationship with her Mom Kim. Her mother is an overly protective and drives-you-nuts kinda person who invented “drone parenting”. After showing one of her mom’s text message to her friends and realizing how they all found it crazy n funny, Kate decided to start an Instagram account that has nothing but her everyday messages with her mother. These became hugely popular and to this day she has millions of followers which led to the idea of writing a book based on her relationship with her mother.

The book is downright funny and makes you laugh so hard. Her childhood was definitely not boring or dull. Her mom takes crazy to a next level when she throws a period party for Kate on account of her hitting puberty. Well, guess the party props !!! 😉

The extent her mom goes to get Kate selected for rowing classes at Stanford are hilarious. I mean, no mother tries to get a fake id for her daughter so that she can pass off as a 15 year old, two years older than she actually is, so that she can fall within the age limit imposed for the rowing classes. That too from a creepy Chinatown kinda place.

Or the time when she tries to get a photo-shoot for Kate, because she (Kate) wanted to be a pop star during her early teens.

Or the way her mother cancer-proofs everything and looks out for carcinogens everywhere with the help of her very own EMF detector including the school which her daughter was going to join.

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I do think sometimes her mother takes up a lot of personal space but mothers being mothers can not stop doing that. I mean, that poor boyfriend has enough strangers from the internet asking personal questions like when will he pop the question..

Please do read the book and laugh hard.. And, for daily dose of laughter follow her account @crazyjewishmom on Instagram.

Some gyaan’s from the crazy mom herself…

“No ring on the finger, you must not linger” – A constant reminder about the absence of a wedding in Kate’s near future.

“Even if it might be true, why take the chance” – on hypothetical power lines’s ability to cause cancer to her hypothetical grandchildren in Kate’s hypothetical house.

Ah, you get the drift… 😛

My rating is 5/5, definitely . 😀