July BooksnBeyond box Unboxing

Hello, hope people are still reading this blog. 😀
I'm here with an unboxing of my favourite Indian book box 'Books n Beyond'. The July theme was 'Dreams And Wishes' and it was nothing short of dreamy !

The box contents are everything related to the theme and they were either things in wanted n wished for in a long time. Like for instance, this beautiful dream catcher ❤️.
The Book of the month was announced along with the theme because it was an imported hardcover edition and the exact number of orders was required. That aside, how gorgeous is the BOOK!!!!!

Who wouldn't wanna own this beauty !?!
Although I'm just touching it n admiring it at the moment, haven't actually started to read it 😜
The entire box contents are as follows:
🔮The beautiful BOTM – Strange the Dreamer
🔮Dream catcher
🔮Hand of the King pin inspired from GoT
🔮notebook based on the theme
🔮two bookmarks
🔮a feather pen/ quill
🔮a book holder
🔮feather shaped sticky notes . .

I loved this box and everything that came with it ❤️
The theme for August is 'Sugar n Spice' and they have already revealed the BOTM – When Dimple met Rishi , the bestseller that has have been raved and liked by so many book worms ❤️ Can't wait!


February Book Haul

I spent waaaay more than i thought for books this month. But I haven’t touched them as i’m still reading off my Kindle. It’s easier as the only time I’m free to read a book is before dozing off and paperbacks are out of the equation.


  • By Your side by Kasie West (Kindle)
  • Half Boyfriend by Judy Balan (Paperback)
  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (Penguin Vintage Classic Edition, Paperback)
  • Emma by Jane Austen (Penguin Vintage Classic Edition, Paperback)
  • Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (Penguin Vintage Classic Edition, Paperback)
  • My Not So perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (Kindle)
  • The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro (Kindle)
  • I’ll give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson (Paperback)
  • How we met by Katy Regan (Paperback)

Apart from these I have received three books as part of my Feb book box. 

So how many new books have you bought? 🙂


Fun At Chariot Beach Resort

Yesterday was fun.. My first ever team outing.. I didn’t know that i had it in me to be adventurous. Ha… i went on all the challenging games they had planned for us in Chariot Beach Resort.. I climbed the tire wall… *applauds*  and like a cat on a wall i didn’t know how to proceed further…i was sitting on the top, panicking about how am i going to get down.. *hides face*

Finally i managed to get down among so many woots and cheers and successfully completed the round. Did i tell i walked on rope!! hehehe.. My mom wouldn’t believe it.. Hell, I wouldn’t believe me as well.

Since we were all sweaty and running around, I couldn’t take pics.. 😦  But here’s the link to resort’s website.Come on, go ahead, and click.. Have a look at the activities page, and the pics there to know what i’m talking about.. And you all can think how awesome I am, how tricky climbing on the tire wall could be, and how i managed it!! *winks*

But you know what, my entire body is screaming with pain today.. I cant lift a paper.. 😦 And i have shopping plans today. So pushing aside the thoughts of the inviting bed, I’m gonna go shop.. Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, right? 😉

While i rush off now, here’s what i did last Saturday… 



Last week…


Being a newbie blogger, i think its a sin to abandon your blog.. ^_^

I tried posting from home, but u see that cute kid in the above pic.. she loves gadgets (like, big time LOVES!!) and if she sees anything remotely to having a screen (even a calculator) she MUST have it. And in a desperate attempt to save my laptop from her, i HAD to hide away from blog-o-sphere.. 😦

The hill station in that pic is Kodaikanal, an awesome alternative from hot hot Chennai.. But blame my bad luck, the weather was extremely cold for me (the kid roamed in adam nd eve costume, but me  wrapped in layers *sheepish grin*) and so we couldn’t go out. We stayed indoors and all i could click was the view from the window, that kept changing every minute coz of the mist…

I read some reviews for Bankster, and i bought it online  along with Judy Balan’s first book, Two fates, and 2 more books. On the way home, I started reading Two fates, and its soooo Funny so far… i luurrvee it!! And, oh yes, i finally finished The Krishna Key last week, and i’l review it in my next post. Nishita di of Nishita’s rants and raves is hosting a giveaway of one of my fav authors, Sophie Kinsella’s “The wedding night”, and this is gonna be the  first giveaway i’m participating. Hope luck is on my side >:)

Another kind blogger Reema Sahay, invited me for her giveaway, but unfortunately the rules are u have to like her Facebook page and i deactivated mine few weeks back 😦 I envy whoever gets that book 😛

Apart from playing with the kid and eating mom-made food, my days at home were literally glued to the pinterest app on my ipod (when my niece is busy not noticing what i have in my hand) ohhh i love Pinterest…

pinterest love

Pretty awesome it is… there was this panoramic camera ball i came across there. if you throw it in the air, it takes a pic out of its 36 cameras and you can view the panoramic pic in your computer.. B-)

Altogether my week was wonderful, apart from the little fight i had with mom.. I hope my tomorrow (Training!!!) starts well 🙂