Here i am!!!

I’ve been thinking for quite some time now…about how I should begin this post… should I greet everyone… Nah… that means I’m super happy, which I am, but no… Let me just start by saying, Yes… I’m alive.. 😀

To all those concerned souls, who commented on my previous posts, Thank you sooooo much.. Nothing much happened… No happy news to be shared on the marriage front. But I do have something cheery… I am an Associate software engineer now… Yup 🙂 I joined on 21st August after a lot of struggle. It would look like a movie if I start narrating how things finally ended at home. Like the climax of Indian movies… Now that I’ve crossed that battle and started working, things don’t look that terrifying anymore. Rather it makes up a good story to tell my grandkids. That is, if I get married… 😐

One more year… that’s the time period I have bargained from my parents to let me work… I keep telling myself not to think about what might happen then, but no, my-obsess-about-everything persona takes lead. I don’t even wanna talk about the way he gets irritated if I start worrying. 

 I wish I could say something like this about me… at least someday ….

And mannnnn….. my office is super fantastic… and everyone seems nice there. Like I said before we have to clear 5 exams in order to become permanent. The first one was in June, and I managed to clear it. The next is on Sep 11th. The day after my birthday!!!! I’m turning 25 tomorrow… sigh.. I don’t wanna get old… But the silver lining here is, my batch mates in training(they are my juniors, actually) can’t believe I’ve completed PG and that am their senior. Some guy said he could hear his heart break… HAHAHA…  I know my boyfriend would be pisssed… Yes!!!!!!

Did I mention I have rented an apartment?… Its soo much more fun and sort of matured, to stay on your own. My roomies are god-sent gifts, I guess… really good kids… No more hostel rants here….. 🙂

I expect that my internet connection would get activated in few days. Will post more and visit all my fav blogs after birthday and exam is over.



A messed up relationship


Infinity was what we had in mind when we were together. Yeah the silly fights and wordless days have been there, but 2 years is a really long time for not talking, dont u think?
BFFs…. The first face that comes to my mind when i come across that word is you. Whenever i come across a friendship quote, or read something related to school life, watch the pretty little liars being there for one another.. All i could do is sigh and think of you. I don’t even remember how it all started, or the words exchanged, but i do regret them every single day. Best friend or boyfriend… y did life give me an awkward choice? I wanted us to be together, wanted things to be better between you and him. In a way, i knew him through you and i am forever grateful for that. You hated him. Never think i’m taking sides, coz he hated you too, but he respected my feelings and decided to put things aside. But everything tumbled out of control, and all thats left is me missing you.
There’s that longing deep inside.. that the 5 of us should hang out together, laugh like crazy.. Reminisce our good ol’ skool days.. Plan out our weddings..
Do you remember the first letter you sent when i was in Pune? Maybe i started caring more for you after that.. Maybe thats when i crossed a line and interfered more in your love life. All i wanted was to make sure you made the right decision. I’m sorry if i had been OTT…
I just hope someday you would wake up and realize what we had.

Happy Birthday Liya.. Its not and never will be the same without you.


Well, that’s just an excuse..