Candles burning Trust

I’ve shopped online like for the last 6+years?! and never ever felt cheated or disappointed with recent disasters. If you don’t know I’m always active on Instagram and any bookish merch launches in India, I always make a point to give it a try.

India doesn’t have bookish candle shops , the only source for them is via book boxes or Etsy shops. While Book boxes outsource them from global shops, buying directly from the Etsy or individual’s shop online does burn a huge hole in your pockets, because of the enormous shipping.

So when this particular candle shop opened up on Instagram, people went gaga over it and the labels were all so cool and tins looked pretty much like the ones we drool over on Instagram. I joined the part a lil bit late, after seeing other Indian bookstagrammer’s reactions and reviews. Call me skeptical :/

So i ordered just one.. one candle from this “shop”. I think I placed the order towards the end of May?! There was frequent story updates that the postal service is down, the individual was sick, was busy etc etc all reasons pointing towards delay of sending the package.

But at the same time, the ‘reps’ posted pictures of new labels, new products from the shop which only made me more angry. After several followups and apologies, i finally got it sometime in July. I liked how the candle looked but never tried burning it 😛

I resolved not to buy anymore but when do I ever learn my lessons. I ordered two ‘limited edition’ candles this time and its been more than a month and a half, and i’m still waiting for them to show up.

This time the story goes like.. It was already shipped but to my old address and when i checked at the old place, the security swears that I did not receive any mail. I wasn’t even notified when the order was shipped. No tracking ids.

If you want to thrive in your business, make your customers happy. I hate giving bad reviews, but in this case, I heard similar complaints from other Indian bookstagrammers and I just can’t keep quiet.

I heard that the candle store is now launching their own subscription box. Nope, not ordering , not even giving a try.



Of goodbyes

Within a span of one week two of my colleagues have left the project. One of them has resigned to shift to UK. The other, is my manager, the boss who promised me better rating this year at least. So much for trusting.. Hmmmpphhhh..

The other friend, a senior to me, had joined just after I joined our project. We have been pretty close sharing secrets, family stories and of course food. She was more of a sister and I’m terribly missing her next to me. 

Two different people.. Two different perspectives about how they left and what they’ve left behind. Sigh!! 

Sarcastically happy

* Even though your mixie has died on you, managing to prepare a last minute masala dal kichdi for lunch

* Rushing to office while the hair’s still wet and the car breaks down and you have to take an auto and Yayyy the hair s super dry by the time you reach to work.

* On the way to office, you stop by at the tailor’s because she’s calling you for measurements since a week and there you find you’ve gained weight as she notes that last month’s measurements do not match today’s. So the new dress will fit perfectly to the new ehmmmm you! 

* Thinking to yourself that your time isn’t good right now and taking a look at the wrist watch that was gifted by the husband back during college and double check it only to find, it has stopped ticking. So no more thinking about bad times, yo! 

* On the way back, stuck in traffic for more than an hour, counting your blessings and contemplating how lucky you are, because thank God the traffic has reduced the number of hours you will be alone home waiting for the husband to reach.

The week can’t get any better 🙂 

Absent minded 

I didn’t know it was Tuesday  yesterday. I didn’t know it until today and that’s why I had written a Wordless Wednesday post on a Tuesday. 😕 

Have you heard this lyrics from Minnale movie? 

Naatkal neeludhe, nee engo ponadhum… *

(* – days are longer since you’ve been gone)

I’m exactly in that state.. But my husband hasn’t gone anywhere, we’re in the same house, only not at the same time. While I’m in morning shift, he is doing night shift. He leaves by 4pm and I reach home by 6pm. 

After 4 years of long distance relationship, this past year was God given to me. We’ve never ever spent a single day apart.. And now it’s like hell. I talk to a sleepy B before leaving to office and he talks to a sleepy me when he returns back at 2am. I was desperately hoping it was Wednesday yesterday and thinking there was just two more days to go for the weekend. 

This has been a horrible week for me. I don’t  want to rant here, but off late I’m doing only that.. I feel weak, which is partly because I’m sick but also because I miss the male species of the house. 

Someone who is always talking nonsense, 

Who is always pulling me, nagging me to watch this n that on YouTube

who talks cricket walks cricket, lives cricket and makes my ears ache because of all those cricket trivia

who Doesn’t mind what I cook, whether I cook.. 

who is with me , no matter what

who doesn’t just cry for me but also cries along with me

You, yes, You … You are being terribly missed and I really really hope you get to join that stupid big ass company which hasn’t sent your joining letter yet and leave this bpo job and be with me, all the time.. 😭

Day 29: Mageirocophobia

Ok no need to run away on looking at the title, people !! I was randomly checking pictures when I came across this word – means

An intense fear to cook

I think I got this phobia because of too many kitchen disasters. And also my dad. Whenever mom is out of station or had to rush somewhere that she couldn’t cook, Pa comes in. He cooks n never makes me lift a finger 😍😘 He would turn down my offer for help and ask me to watch or leave the kitchen. At least I should have watched him 😞 and learnt something.

But right now, I’m slowly trying to cook succeed sometimes, or make something that’s too bad to eat or manage to pass in the border.
So yesterday I made dal-greens masiyal and it came out pretty good! I couldn’t believe myself, although it’s a very simple dish.. Huh, I’m fighting my demon.. yay to me!!

Day 21: Wordless Wednesdays


What are WWs for, if not to save you from not having anything to post and still go along with the blogathon..
I think I’m getting too much addicted to WordSwag.. And to beaches and to sunsets!! Sigh…
I had a very productive day at the office and feel great about it.. If only I could feel the same about cooking.. I made something with peas and potato and called it a peas potato Briyani 😜 I didn’t get to taste it too as I was late for office. B finished it all saying it was good.. Well, he must have been hungry😒
Today he asked me whether my mom was coming to visit us.. I know the reason he asked was to eat good food 😒 Can someone send me (even a link would be fine) nice and easy to follow recipes no? Or any food blog that you follow?