The Last of August – Book review

The Last of August is Brittany Cavallaro’s second book in the Charlotte Holmes series. I read the first one although i haven’t written a review on it. The series is about the great great great grandchildren of Sherlock Holmes (Charlotte Holmes) and John Watson (Jamie Watson). Instead of a book blurb, presenting to you, the book trailer by EpicReads.

Honestly speaking, I’m still running the story in my mind. It’s a complete whirlwind of events and my short circuited brain is not able to process all that at once. From what I understood, Charlotte’s uncle Leander Holmes is kidnapped and she and Jamie are trying to piece the events that happened before and after he goes missing. They seek Milo, Charlotte’s brother who is also a spy master for help and also because its isn’t safe for them to stay in Sussex in her home where her mother is poisoned. They are sent to Milo’s place in Berlin where they figure out Leander’s undercover operation and the connection it has with the Moriartys. And yes, August Moriarty, the only good guy from the bad side, whose death was faked (all that history is in the first book) is with Milo and Jamie is uncomfortable with him being close to Charlotte, given the history.

There’s so much I’m still unable to follow and i’m confused. Ok, cliffhanger endings are good, but what was that?!!

I still don’t get how almighty and powerful a 15 year old can be even though her last name is Holmes. Why can’t it be like Nancy drew mysteries, hmmpphhhh.. They say their family is running out of money, but it doesn’t seem like that. Another confusing point throughout the book was, which  i didn’t get until the end, is whether August Moriarty is evil or good :O

And the relationship between Jamie and Charlotte – its still like the first book, and is very messed up like Charlotte herself.Whether she wants or does not want a relationship is still a question to me and i think I’m done with her playing mind games on poor sweet Jamie.

Yes, I’ll read the next book *hides face* despite the shortcomings I wanna know what happens. I still ship Jamie and Holmes. But I also do feel he is better off without her

My rating is 3/5.


Any thoughts??!!

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