Back for good

Yes exactly a year back I wrote my last post and vanished into thin air.. Spoof! Now that i’m back (truly back, this time) I promise myself that i will post regularly. I know i have posted similar posts like this, but this time i’m going to be here for the long run.

You might notice some of my previous posts are no longer there and some are password protected. I have made some changes here n there and will be turning this into more of a book blog than a personal space for ranting. 😛

Thank you for alllll the lovely people who have still not unfollowed 😀

The last time i checked (way back in Jan 2016) the total blog views was somewhere around 11k. Thanks to people who visited this blog (more than i visited in the past year :D) and surprisingly shot up the views to 20k -.

*Grateful Tears*

Image result for we're back, baby


Any thoughts??!!

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