31 days

31 days of meaningless rambles and rants. Thanks to everyone who visited the blog, read the posts, liked them and commented on them. To know that someone has read all the stupid things I wrote here for the past 31 days, makes me filled with happy tears😜

I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and sorry for not able to comment on them for the past few days. I didn’t have the same josh as last year and I hardly managed to write something before the clock struck 12.

I thought I should the blogathon seriously and write sensible things. Ha..so much for even thinking about it. Last year, I remember making cheesecake to celebrate this day. Today I hardly made food. 😏

Taking up weight loss challenge and actually working towards it, must be the highlight of this blogathon. But the aftermath has made me very tired and sleepy. I will definitely come back to your blogs and read them in peace once I get used to these small workouts. Until then, thanks y’all, it was fun reading your posts and hope to continue this next year as well. Doesn’t mean, you or me will not write after this month. Hopefully will be back next month with a non-rant post..


10 thoughts on “31 days

    • However taxing it is, will join in next year too.. πŸ‘πŸ» And hopefully Maya we would have slimmed down and our mothers would be happy.. Ah the dreams I have ! 😝😝

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