Unexpected company

While B is working nights, I’m all alone at home. I’ve got zero interest to eat, cook, watch TV, read or do anything. It’s like this guy has to be a part of everything I do πŸ˜• I’m going mad, missing him.. 

So on perfect timing, he ordered a gift, a very early Valentine’s it is! After much thought and some budget discussions ( yes, we decide together what my gift will be 😝 ) my first DSLR has arrived. Actually I got it on Monday. But my lack of enthusiasm at everything, especially because he wasn’t there when I opened the Amazon box, made things even more depressing. 

But today I decided that I’ve had enough sulking for the week and decided to experiment with my camera. It’s an entry level Canon DSLR but still, I know nothing about their kind and getting slowly used to all the settings. I had to go learn what ISO meant, how to achieve shallow depth of field and all photography related things from Internet. The first picture I clicked was bad! And there I was thinking I would work magic.. At first glance it looked like my iPhone photos were much better. Then I tried changing few things like ISO and shutter speed and experimented around with a 50mm prime lens.

The entire week I was struggling to pass time and finally fall asleep in an empty house. Today I hardly noticed the clock and only when my stomach started rumbling, I realized I’ve been spending long time with the camera. I’ve learnt little about how changing the aperture, shutter speed could change the picture. Unexpected and a welcoming change!!! 

First picture clicked using 50mm

6 thoughts on “Unexpected company

  1. By the way, with our phones *especially the one like yours with great camera* most of the pre-work is taken care. With a DSLR, it all depends on learning all about the different combinations of ISO, Shutter Speed and F-stop. For more than three months, I struggled getting these settings right but now its a lot better. So, things would be fine very soon. Keep clicking, thats the only way to learn! By the way, which camera is it?

    • By the way, I love your food photography. Making food look good and presentable and at the same time drool worthy is a big thing!
      And yes, clicking with phone was much easier though I would struggle to get that background blur or bokeh. It’s hard trying to remember these settings in DSLR- which is for what, which f number will suit etc. M getting there πŸ™‚ Like I said, mine’s an entry level -1200D . My brother suggested 600D but let’s get there later πŸ˜‰

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