Most irritating Television Ads

Once upon a time, when there was only DoorDharshan, there was peace as well. The number of advertisements in between the programmes were very less and more importantly less irritating.

These days, the minute ads come up we desperately change the channel because 

  • the frequency has increased
  • Tacky Concept 
  • Break time increases. If your watching Indhiya tholaikatchigazhil mudhan muraiyaga* movies, the number of ads will just test your patience. 

* Toothpaste ads

Top actresses jumping out of nowhere with a mic in hand, asking whether there is salt in your paste.. Our ancestors have long back found the amazing benefits of salt and neem . These toothpaste companies are just using what was once our novelty and their ad concept is annoying.

* Toilet cleaner ads

Just when I’m about to eat something, they show these gross looking graphics of supposedly harmful microorganisms residing in the toilet. I just shut my eyes tight as soon as these ads come. 

* fairness creams ads

Apparently these companies have the logic that being pale is equal to beautiful and have succeeded in changing all our mindsets. And most of the ads have the same concept – After using fairness cream, the protagonist succeeds in making his/her crush fall in love. 

*Men’s deo ads

That particular ad where the guy smells like chocolate and girls run after him to bite him is so irritating. If you use deo, girls will come behind you, because we are that shallow. 

* jewellery store ads

Jewellery Revolution itseems.. Sivaji thatha itseems… All lies.. 

* Soap ads

Not sure it’s an advertisement for soap or how much skin the actress can reveal. 


Enough damage done to this in social media. 

* footwear ad

Top actress, on winning an award reveals the secret of her success is her Chappals!!!!

Mother of all ads that’s down right irritating 

The 4G ad. I can’t even.. 

The list goes on and on. Very few ads have awesome jingles. I remember ARR’s jingles from long back. Even the Leo Coffee ad used to be so soothing to listen to. Some ads have very beautiful and touching concepts. The Complan ad where the mother looks in awe at her grown up boy riding a bicycle was my most favourite. But sadly such kind of ads have rare these days.. 

*Indhiya tholaikatchigazhil mudhan muraiyaga – For the first time on Indian television 


    4 thoughts on “Most irritating Television Ads

    1. So true.. One of our friends showed a video in YouTube the other day, Top 5 Worst Commercials of India. If you have not watched it, please do. we were laughing the whole day. They only know what they had in their mind while coming out with such stupid things..

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