Gearing Up

Two more days and this year is finally gone. Don’t ask me why but I’m glad we’re done with 2015.

Maya is hosting this year’s January blogathon and I’m signing up for it yet again *Hoot Hoot* . I messed up the NaBloPoMo November challenge and I want to make it up. I’m all set and I’ve given the blog a new look.  😉 I hardly know how to design n stuff, but I’ve managed something decent, if I may so.

In an attempt to thoosi thattify* my blog, i’m going to  try new things.. 😛

The blogathon is open to all and you can find the link here. Join us!

Though I’m not hosting this challenge, I’ve made myself a badge for participating in it. I know, I know, heights of boredom!!  *insert sheepish grin*


*thoosi thattify – dusting up





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