The Bestseller She Wrote -Book Review 

I was over the moon when I received the author-signed copy of  ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ for review from Blogadda. Ravi Subramanian is one among my favorite Indian authors and I’ve already read and loved his previous books.

The title is followed by the tagline LOVE. BETRAYAL. REDEMPTION. So I’ve split my review based on these three.


Aditya Kapoor, an acclaimed writer and successful banker, is in love with his career – both writing and heading the Branch Banking division of National Bank. He marries his college sweetheart and has an enviable married life. Despite middle age creeping on him, he is still smart, handsome and fit. His wife Maya, a banker prior to marriage, gives up her banking job to focus on family. They lead a content life with son, Aryan.

During a lecture in IIM Bangalore, Aditya is interrupted by Shreya Kaushik who questions his choice of words for referring a book as a product and goes on branding Indian authors as rubbish. Though irritated, Aditya subdues her by requesting her to first read his books before judging him. Shreya ends up reading one of his bestsellers overnight and finds herself apologizing to him via email. When Aditya and his friend Sanjay from HR, interview her months later for National Bank, she charms him by  expressing her desire to write a book. After joining the bank, her relationship with Aditya turns flirtatious and slowly they fall for each other based on their common interest towards writing.


So, here comes the betrayal part- extra marital affair – where Aditya goes behind Maya’s back, breaks her trust by falling for Shreya. He helps her in fine tuning her first book and due to her constant push, seeks help from his publisher friends for publishing it. There is, ofcourse, yet another betrayal in the book that is revealed towards the end.


What happens when Maya learns the truth? Why Aditya’s life turns downhill all of a sudden? Will Shreya’s book become the bestseller she wants to be? When and how the other betrayal is revealed? All these questions are answered in the final part of the book.

The book is written in very simple English and does not leave much to the reader’s guess. Unlike Ravi Subramanian’s other books, it’s different in the sense it revolves around a love story and has, maybe 20% suspense. There is no money laundering, murder, drug mafia or any of those essentials required for a thriller and maybe that’s why I felt this book was different. So the author has a really tough job in keeping his readers glued (due to lack of above mentioned elements) and therefore felt justified in including in-detail romantic endeavors.

Ofcourse, i hated Shreya Kaushik, home breaker. :@

From the first few pages of the book, I had assumed she will be portrayed as the independent, sassy and career-oriented female protagonist. Which she was not. I wonder who will play her role in the movie.

My Verdict – Not the combustible cocktail as mentioned in book cover, but an easy, light read with more or less predictable story.


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