The One – (The Selection 3) book Review

Okay I take back everything bad I said about The Selection. But that wasn’t entirely my fault. I didn’t like the first two books but the third one did the charm!!

I couldn’t stop gushing over the book. I want to re-read it again. I’ve shared a teaser of the book in my last post and in the past two posts I have been talking about nothing but The Selection series😜

A lil background here: In the first book, we are told about the Kingdom of Illea which has its own caste system from One to Eight, where One comprises of Royals and Eight includes the homeless.

America is a Five and her secret boyfriend Aspen is a Six. They are looking forward to get married but break up when America signs up for the Selection due to her mother’s pressure and Aspen feels that he is not worthy of her. In an attempt to forget Aspen, America enters the selection and gets shortlisted among the first 35 girls, who are a bunch of Twos to Fives.

She does not expect to fall for Prince Maxon but the pair eventually do even though she doesn’t feel like admitting it to him. The book ends with Aspen finally making it as a Royal Guard and even worse where he ends up guarding America’s room. They meet in secret and even though the Prince is aware of an ex boyfriend in her life, she never tells him it’s Aspen. The 35 girls are shortlisted to 6 who form the Elite.

The second book in the series is my least favourite and long story short – America doesn’t decide who she needs in her life and falls back and forth between Aspen and Maxon. The Elite get reduced to Four by the end of this book.

In The One, the rebel attacks that were mentioned slightly in first and second books take up bigger space and forms the major turning point. Secrets are revealed and there is lot of deaths. I’m not giving away as to who dies. America finally finds herself moving away from Aspen and falls in love with Maxon who is kinda dating the other Elite Kriss. All the enmity between the four girls disappear half way through the book and they kind of become buddies. The king’s selfish and arrogant attitude is revealed in this book and he openly ill treats America because of her low caste.

So all this drama would explain why I got an instant liking to this book 😝

I feel bad for calling Maxon as dumb in the first book’s review πŸ˜• He is not! Β He s sweet, considerate and reserved. It took me two books to like him no wonder America took that much time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

There are five books in the series. But the Fourth book – The Heir is like fast forward to 20 years after Mer and Maxon get married and rule the country. I was disappointed with this time lapse but keeping my fingers crossed.

I give a 4/5 for this book alone in the series πŸ˜€πŸ˜

Pic courtesy : Pinterest, not mine 😊


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