Three months since the last post. Ever since the wedding, I’ve become fat, lazy and even more lazy.. 😐 I wanted to pop in at least once a week. My brain cells have become dead and there’s hardly a thing I could think of to blog about. Now that my laptop has been revived, I hope (!!!) I will update this space more.

I missed the blog anniversary this year as well. Yay me 😦

I think my brain or heart or whatever that used to urge me to write before, is taking a long hiatus after the wedding and the January blogging challenge. It did suffer and went through so much before the wedding so I guess the time off was much needed 😛 But this longg break is making me a boring and lazy bum whose life can be summarized in three words ‘Not much happening’. So I think its time that i step in and bring back the old me..

So much has changed after gaining the Mrs. status and I’m still getting used to all of it. I’ll be losing the newly-wed tag in about few days as we will be touching 365 days of marital bliss 😛

If i remember correctly, next month is National Blog posting month. I will write for the entire month, no ‘hope to’ or ‘i wish’.



7 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. First of all congratulations on the wedding ..

    You did not invite me see I missed on all that food now.. 😦

    Right a little break is always good .. freshens one up. . All the best and take care.. Welcome back..

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