Cupcake love

I will come down right to the point. 

I went for a cupcake Workshop and I lurrrved it!!! 😬😬😍😍

I couldn’t hold it any much, I just wanted it to be out there. Ever since we bought the microwave, my love for baking tripled. I wanted to bake yummilicious things and enjoy doing it. 

But I’m the laziest bum u can ever see. To move my ass and do something is such a biggg task for me. That’s the reason I’m putting off the glass painting. Or cooking 😝

After the wedding, it’s like I’m trying to make every single dream of mine to come true. I got my phone, the oven and even trying to do some art n craft thingies which are generally not my department. And I’m not good with meeting new people. 

But I decided to step out of my shell and try for this workshop. B saw the invite on Facebook and I thought ‘why not’. Also if you had noticed, I had three posts written previously on the blog. And I got the assured vouchers for it – amounting to 6500 INR. 😁😁😁😁

This money I utilised in buying few items off my wishlist on Flipkart. Particularly this book..

I so so loved the book. It looks soooo annoyingly cute n pretty. The photographer has done such a beautiful job. I wanted to lick the pages only 😜 

Now to the workshop. I had a greattt time there. My phobia against new meeting people went poof in the air. All along I had feared how icing is like climbing Mt.Everest to me, but I surprised myself. I’m not that creative, but I managed to make my cupcakes look pretty.. ☺️

I’m planning to attend more of these.. Hopefully I’m gonna cross off one item from my 2015 to do list. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


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