Yennai Erindhaal – Review

You remember my last post where I feared how Gautham is gonna copy his own movies? Yeah, that happened.
The movie had all pieces from his earlier movies joined neatly together.
Ok let me just start again. I enjoyed the movie, no doubts. It’s Ajith 😍 on screen with Trisha 😍. While I ogled at him, B happily ogled at Trisha.

Apart from his good looks his performance was good too. I loved his Raghavan-style hair n moustache.

His salt n pepper style was good too but he looked really old, like old with dark circles and wrinkles to show all the 11 year difference in the plot.

Trisha….!!!! Though she comes for few minutes and a song, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Her costumes were tooooooo good and neat. Although the naatiya peroli part was too much, she exactly did her makeup like those classical dancers do in real life – too much kohl to define the eyes and cotton sari..


Don’t get me started about Anushka.. I hate her bangs and don’t know who styled her. They really don’t know what they were doing, I guess. And the movie moves in an absolutely snail pace in the beginning, thanks to her. Why was that unnecessary introduction scene included in the movie – she in meeting, telling her dad she is busy, the ponnu-pathufying and that horrible song. Oh not the ‘oodha coloru ribbon’ song, her intro song..

The first half was dragging here n there and there wasn’t a strong enough screenplay during the ‘undercover’ part. After interval, it started getting better. Partly because of the BGM.

Arun Vijay tastes success after 18 years.. 18 years is a really long time for someone to succeed in film industry. B lurrrrves his physique. (I know right?!?) But sadly even his portrayal makes me think of ‘Pandiya’ of Kaakha Kaakha’.


Best parts of the movie:
1) Ajith 😝😍
2) certain scenes had brand new dialogue that was not copied from Gautam’s other movies.
3) 2nd half of the movie
4) Arun vijay
5) comedy wasn’t included as a separate track and fused within the scenes here n there by Vivek’s dialogues.
6) stunt
7) the beautiful locations where Ajith n the kid move to
8) Trisha’s costumes 😍😍😍😍😍
9) except Anushka ‘s intro other songs were good
10) second time Ajith has played for fighting against bad (Aarambam is the first)

The bad:
1) Anushka makeup and intro. They could have skipped it altogether and started with she rushing to catch the flight. (B’s point)
2) the undercover cop doesn’t have a gethu revealing scene. (A friend’s point)
3) the unnecessary inclusion of Golden Raj and Mathew. Or not a strong plot in there.
4) too much resemblance to previous Gautam movies.
5) annoying GVM’s voice here n there to fill for saving up dubbing money

The last few minutes were fast paced and made the movie watchable, crossing the just-pass border into a could-have-been-better-but-still-a-hit movie. Ajith is still a mass and stylish hero and the movie doesn’t do justice to him. I think had this been directed by Vishnuvardhan it would be even better. Just saying


6 thoughts on “Yennai Erindhaal – Review

  1. Exactly my thoughts. I enjoyed the movie but then couldn’t help thinking about his other movies. I hate Anushka’s make up and styling too.. She looks really aged. I also didn’t like the little girl.. All she could do was smile only. Every where there was a tinge of Malayalam.. Sigh. S doesn’t agree with these two points of mine though. Sigh.

    • Hahaha yep that’s him. sorry Bik I thought I had replied long back 😦 m becoming Lazy..
      I’m not sure if they would remake it, the movie came four five years back I guess.

  2. I saw the movie. I loved Trisha and did not like Anushka! And yeah you are right.. too much resemblance to his previous ones. Ajith looks old and fat! But I do not hate him. πŸ˜€

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