Day 25: D’Hut – Paradise for handicraft lovers

Today we decided to look into this small shop in ECR, Thiruvanmiyur. For people looking at it from the outside it just looks small, but when they took us in and showed us to the two floors full of exquisite handicraft items it was not small anymore!!


The shopkeeper was a really friendly guy and was very excited to show us all the items. We weren’t exactly sure of what we wanted for the wall, but he plunged in and showed us all the wall arts, installations and wood crafted items.. Everything was so beautiful.. From scary African masks, skeletons to beautiful Buddha statues n elephants crafted in wood, bells and lamps made from coconut shells..





This one was my fav though we didn’t pick it 😞 The third tile is at a lower height that could be adjusted correctly..


All the photos were clicked by me..not taken from Internet 😜


6 thoughts on “Day 25: D’Hut – Paradise for handicraft lovers

  1. RIght I have only one thing against these so called heritage shops.. They are too expensive, exact same stuff can be bought half the price from some place else , ALSO the people who have actually crafted these items seldom get any money out of the profit.

    I say as we recently had a Indian heritage fair sort of thing and things were going for 100-200pounds each.. some of the items I have myself bought from punjab at 200 or 300 RS. that is 3 pounds only .. 😦

    • Err really?! I have never been to that many heritage shops but i found this place reasonable.. Also while showing us the products he said they were from all over the world.. So im not sure again about the people who made them too 😒

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