Day 22: This is Ajith here!!!!

Pizza guy: Your ordering in the name of Pratap and you’re calling from Ajith house?
Caller: Yeah that’s right.. Yeah this is Ajith here..
Pizza guy: Ajith aaaaah?!!!!!

Hahaha this was soo much fun to listen to.. This video of an audio clip is doing the rounds in Facebook n all social media right now!!! A friend told me about it and I checked it out in YouTube.. Mannnn!!!! Thala absolutely stole my heart !! So simple.. So much of patience.. Not even showing the least amount of anger when the phone is being passed around.. šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ sweetly answering their questions..

Please do check it out from here

This call was made in 2009. And the video was uploaded yesterday, I guess..

6 thoughts on “Day 22: This is Ajith here!!!!

  1. Hey, my first time here and what a way to begin. I am a fan of Ajith too. This video shows its so tough to be a super star and Ajith was so polite and down to earth. A start in every sense!

  2. Wow what a coincidence.. I actually listened to the video only some time back. It was so good of him to be talking patiently to everyone. He had to repeat the order a few times and he didn’t even flinch. A good human being.

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