Day 21: Wordless Wednesdays


What are WWs for, if not to save you from not having anything to post and still go along with the blogathon..
I think I’m getting too much addicted to WordSwag.. And to beaches and to sunsets!! Sigh…
I had a very productive day at the office and feel great about it.. If only I could feel the same about cooking.. I made something with peas and potato and called it a peas potato Briyani 😜 I didn’t get to taste it too as I was late for office. B finished it all saying it was good.. Well, he must have been hungry😒
Today he asked me whether my mom was coming to visit us.. I know the reason he asked was to eat good food 😒 Can someone send me (even a link would be fine) nice and easy to follow recipes no? Or any food blog that you follow?

6 thoughts on “Day 21: Wordless Wednesdays

  1. Hmmm well this is how I learnt cook the same dish more than once..what ever is missing first time add that next and so will soon master it..

    If I can cook anyone can..

    Wordless Wednesday you still wrote he eh he he he he he

  2. I Had a cooking blog once.. now I seldom update it. Most of the things I try are simple only. Dont worry, time is the master. No one is born an expert. I am sure the peas potato pulav tasted nice 🙂

    • You had? Continu doing it na.. For the versatile person you are, i think you should have many blogs, each for your interests n super duper talents..
      I know it does take time, but the impatient me just wanna cook something good soon to sweep B of his feet. They do tell a way to a man’s heart is his stomach, right?

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