Day 13: Life with a Candy Crush saga Addict

yeah, that game can be so annoyingly addictive at times. But its got its advantages too..

** You can cook anything you want and however bad it tastes, the husband does not mind. Because his left hand is busy crushing candies and who cares about the taste.. This also has the advantage of making the same chutney for days and he wouldnt notice it..

** You can shamelessly bribe him with extra lives in return for washing the dishes. 😛

** You can watch your favorite TV program and there’s no fight for the remote or the boring Test cricket matches.

** You can read your book at peace without him interrupting frequently.

Also while searching for some good memes, found this one from a Pinterest board by ThisHappyMom.



6 thoughts on “Day 13: Life with a Candy Crush saga Addict

  1. Tell me about it.. the husband has been very busy playing some football game (It was Candy Crush before) and I can totally do what I want – have the TV remote, talking on phone, reading a book – anything! 😀

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