Day 9: meh..

It’s Friday night and all I could think about is sleep..
My cutie pie niece has joined play school today and the brother has sent her first ID picture with the caption – her first mugshot 😜
The husband is watching TV and at the same time teasing all my friends. His fav pastime 😠
My morning started with you-know-what and it’s been going terribly so far. But this… This made me laugh hard..



5 thoughts on “Day 9: meh..

  1. LOL! Kala akka, we should say :p Btw, just noticed that you are currently reading Asura. How is the book? Its on my list for so long, I even read a page or two.

    • That has been in my currently reading for a longgg time Gayathri.. *sheepish grin* its a good one only.. But i didnt find time to finish it in one read. Every time i leave a gap i forget who is who..

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