Day 5: Reading challenge 2015

Of late I’ve been reading very less number of books. I think I read around 10-12 books last year. 😞 my Goodreads page hasn’t been updated in a really long time. And if you are reading this from a browser and not through the app, you might notice that I haven’t updated the ‘reading right now’ image that’s on the right side. 😒

I came across this reading challenge in Instagram and donno who actually started it. But I have decided to take this. It’s going to be totally different for me because half of this checklist has books that I’ve never tried. For example, I hate non fiction, Sci-fi (no rolling eyes 😜) and memoirs. I’m much more fond of funny books n chick-lits. But I’m gonna try different genre this year. Hope I get to finish it!!! ✌️



5 thoughts on “Day 5: Reading challenge 2015

  1. “A book you started but never finished” – Do they mean u can check that off if you start a book but don’t bother to finish it? Hee hee…

    • Hahaha.. Yeah yeah.. There will be books that you chose bcos of ur own reasons, but it would turn up to be sooo terrible that you leave it in bookshelf and never give it a second thought.. Those type of books😜

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