Day 4: 5 Annoying Facebook Posts

Almost everyone is on Facebook today. All of us are attention seekers, at some point. We totally wanna brag about our trips, parties and new buys. To what extent, can you reveal all in Social Media ? How much is too much?

There are some really annoying posts and status messages that I have come across in Facebook.

1) Tagging your entire Friends list on your profile picture.

Only a single person would be in the picture but the caption would say ‘with – 53 others’. Those 53 people would have never bothered to change their privacy settings. I find this very irritating, I donno why 😦

2) Re-post:

If you do not re-post this, you would be cursed for the next seven years. What BS?? Jobless fellows send these out and this forms a huge chain. I never bother to share any of that crap however horrifying the threats may be.

And there will be posts like a sad puppy or a daily wages worker with captions saying Nobody will like this and people become all senti and there will be a million likes.

3) Annoying status updates


I don’t have to explain myself here. The picture says it all. This person is from my college and posts stupid updates like  – is sleeping, is walking. Arggghhh!!!

4) Selfie addiction

A selfie now and then is ok.. But everyday?? Please… nobody misses you that much to see the same face, same pouty mouth in different dresses. B’s friend posted a hospital selfie when he got his bone fractured.

5) Too much of love & PDA

A friend of mine had posted a mother’s day special post, adding a picture of her with her mother. You might say there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people tend to show their love in words rather than in person. Okay n all.. but this friend had eloped with a guy years back and since her dad n mine were friends, I know how much her parents were devastated in public.

Feeling blessed/happy with so n so is all ok boss. But why do you get over emotional on facebook, when you are living under the same roof with that person.

Once I found my college professor (!!) has liked a ‘certain’ picture, I un-friended him and even tried reporting the picture as inappropriate. Few days later, I got a message from Facebook that they did not find the page/picture offensive and that it did not violate any restrictions.

Atleast I tried!! 😦

Images : 2, 3 from Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Day 4: 5 Annoying Facebook Posts

  1. Dont even get me started on these FB updates. I am this close to leaving Fb for good. I have a friend who keeps fighting with her husband on facebook. Back and forth writing on each other’s walls. So, do you really want all your friends to know and weigh-in in your stupid fights. Argghh. And there are many other irritating characters.

Any thoughts??!!

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