Kaaviyathalaivan – Movie Review

Sometimes a movie entices you with its music.. sometimes it urges you to book that first day ticket just because it looks different in it promos. Big mistake. Should have waited for a review..  😐

This period drama is directed by Vasathabalan,with music by A.R.Rahman (Stupid Reason#1). It has a big cast including Siddharth, Prithviraj (Stupid Reason#2), Nassar, Vedhika, Thanmbi Ramaiah to name a few.

Sivadas Swamigal (Nassar) owns a theatre troupe of which Kaliappa (Siddharth) and Gomathi Nayagam (Prithvi) are a part of. Swamigal feels that Kali shows promises of a great drama artist, especially one fit to play the Rajapart (meaning- the hero role, which I came to understand only after half the movie :P) . This threatens the dreams of Gomathi, who has been with the guru even before  Kali came to join them. Until then, the duo are pretty close brothers, but after Swami’s decision to cast Kali for the Lead role in upcoming dramas, Gomathi envies him and plots his downfall. Vadivambal (Vedhika) joins the male-only troupe and its crazy-love-at-first-sight for her and Gomathi. Not mutual. Gomathi admires Vadivu, while she falls for Kali’s charms and acting skills, giving all the more reason for him to hate Kali. Yep,the age old triangle love story, that leads to conflict.

Siddharth’s acting has evolved greatly. His theatre performances are samples of how he has improved, way better than he was in Boys. Even better than NH4 or Rang De Basanti. Because in those two movies, I think he was way too quiet n calm. But here, he has acted!

His expressions, choreography, dialogue delivery.. 4.5 stars

Definite applauds for Prithvi as well. Its hard to deliver all those Sangam literature lines flawlessly.. 4.5 stars

Watch the movie for Prithvi and Siddharth’s performance!!


Vedhika , wows you with her classical dance expressions, but poor thing does not have a strong character here. I was irritated to the core when she shamelessly proposes to Kali again n again….I would give 3.5 stars for her 😐

The movie has wonderful cinematography (Nirav Shah)and I cant say it brings 1930’s to your eyes exactly, but a good effort by the art director. One thing that kept popping in my mind after seeing Rangamma’s (Anaika Soti) costumes. She looks way more westernized for a Zamindar’s daughter. Here n there, I felt she looked like Shruti Hassan. 

The songs except one or two will not linger in your heart forever. I like the choreography for the song ‘Ey sandi kudhirai..’  especially the moves for “Mohana…” . It disappointed me… 😦 So i’ll rate it for a 3 out of 5. And that’s because of Siddharth n Prithvi.

3 stars



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