Hit Them Baby, One (more) Time..

I’m becoming a list-maniac you see… the book list, the wish list , the date-movie list and now… the hit list.. March was a terrible month for me, and I was soo pissed off at everyone and anyone.. People just kept throwing themselves on me, making me even more grumpier than ever. As usual in no particular order…

  • Airtel : Yes.. Definitely on my list. 90% of the tension I had was caused by you guys. The calls I made to customer care in March were more than the calls I made to my mom.. :/ And still my data card s not working. Whats even more worse is, their My Airtel app in my phone. Stooopid thing.. asks me to uninstall every time i try to recharge online.
  • The faceless, nameless guy next door : Excuse me Mr. There are people called neighbors living next to you. Be it dawn or midnight, we can always hear you yell at your poor wife. Our mornings are as unpleasant as your wife’s are.. I come to dry my towel, and I hear you shout Nayee (*dog) at her. I swear, M gonna call the uniform, one of these days..
  • Window-seat walas : Ummm.. if you really hate the wind on your hair, worried about your makeup getting spoiled, or being concerned about “Gosh!! pollution…”, don’t sit on a window seat. People (like me!!) who have car sickness exist still, and they have breathing difficulties sitting next to a highly-perfumed girl/boy and a closed window. You just lie back and plug in your earphones, unaware of the poor soul (again, me!!) next to you.. Atleast ask the person, whether he/she wants the window shut..
  • My Manager.. : Ofcourse he would be here… Managers are bound to be in the hit list of all their subordinates. You know, this guy lives to make me go crazy. He once told a colleague that I give a point blank stare whenever he asks me something.. Mind you, that was me being serious.. 😛 So the next time he asked me sthng I just smiled (i swear it was coool, polite smile) and replied him… Minutes later my spy returned to me and said, the idiot complained that I’m not taking whatever he said seriously. M fresh out of college, and I’m jus having fun itseems.. Gawwwddd… Back when there was no temple run or candy crush, there used to be these flash games, very popular ones.. I remember having a stress-buster one ‘Hit your Boss’. You can go clickety-click on the boss’s face, and hit him till he turns red 😀 I now truly understand the reason y they had such games..
  • Nosy aunties/husband-hunters : What is it with you people??? Is there a rule that you have to follow, that when you hit the 50+ age group, you MUST hunt good-u boys for the girls near you. Already there is enough boiling in my house, and these people are just bringing in more drama.. Anddd my mom, as if she doesn’t know I’m still in love, would ask these nosy aunties to advise me,throw some gyaan…
  • Pinterest, Facebook  & Femina: You sure are making me a biggg green-eyed monster. I’m so full of envy at the wonderful life everyone else is having..
  • Any guy and every guy who says he doesn’t want an IT girl for a wife : Oh bcos girls in software sleep with everybody it seems.. stupid male species.. Just shoot them, I say.


The world out there is having so much of problems, and to me these silly things are reason enough to kill people. Look at myself … I sure wanna kill me 😛


Cute, right??!!.. 😉



2 thoughts on “Hit Them Baby, One (more) Time..

  1. I hear you dear…
    Totally agree with the window-seat-walas and car sickness…I hate keeping the window closed.. In my car, either the window should be open or at least the air-conditioner should be on.. And, FB makes me envy as well…

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