Throw those Lemons..

*starts to  write something… *

Stressed out… *Shuts laptop*

*starts drafting a post, a week later*

Wait, What! Friends get together after 2 years?? I’m in… :*Shuts down laptop, a little gentle this time*

Blah … for more than a week.. Going through reader while sitting in office, anndddd deciding for the 100th time ‘I will write today…’

B is here!! … No reason, for opening wordpress at all.. *sings happily, ignores the WordPress app on phone*

Mind voice: Okay.. Its been 3 weeks, I should not give up on my new years’s resolution of writing atleast once a week. Let me start today.. No kidding.. I just cant connect to the internet.. *Calls customer care for 100 times to resolve the issue with datacard, shuts down lappy really hard!!*

Life is offering me lemons at every street corner i turn to.. 😦 I love my work, and i stand on that, always.. But i hate my BOSS… His pure existence is for torturing me.. And he is the sole reason for my blogger’s block 😛 I feel like throwing those lemons on his face.

I will try to come back with some not-so-boring post soon..

P.S: Guess what!! Two more Ginger bags for my poor soul.. 😛 😛 and one of them has stars on it.. Yay!!!


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