Fun At Chariot Beach Resort

Yesterday was fun.. My first ever team outing.. I didn’t know that i had it in me to be adventurous. Ha… i went on all the challenging games they had planned for us in Chariot Beach Resort.. I climbed the tire wall… *applauds*  and like a cat on a wall i didn’t know how to proceed further…i was sitting on the top, panicking about how am i going to get down.. *hides face*

Finally i managed to get down among so many woots and cheers and successfully completed the round. Did i tell i walked on rope!! hehehe.. My mom wouldn’t believe it.. Hell, I wouldn’t believe me as well.

Since we were all sweaty and running around, I couldn’t take pics.. 😦  But here’s the link to resort’s website.Come on, go ahead, and click.. Have a look at the activities page, and the pics there to know what i’m talking about.. And you all can think how awesome I am, how tricky climbing on the tire wall could be, and how i managed it!! *winks*

But you know what, my entire body is screaming with pain today.. I cant lift a paper.. 😦 And i have shopping plans today. So pushing aside the thoughts of the inviting bed, I’m gonna go shop.. Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, right? 😉

While i rush off now, here’s what i did last Saturday… 




2 thoughts on “Fun At Chariot Beach Resort

    • Yeah it was.. 🙂
      I picked them at the chennai book fair held at Nandanam. Sadly I didn’t get the info earlier. I went on the last day myself.
      There were around 700 stalls and they offered 10-15% discount.

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