Time for resolutions…

Happy New Year everyone!!
I hope/wish everything’s gonna be alright this year (Fingers-crossed!!)
With New year comes a whole lot of resolutions.. and i’m never successful in keeping them. When i was in school we were supposed to write down our resolutions and paste it somewhere we could see everyday (ah, how much our teachers hoped we would follow them). But i never did get past a whole week. I once read that when u do something for 21 consecutive days, it becomes a habit. I tried that too… with Sudoku πŸ˜› Back during my final year project days, I tried solving it every morning. I did succeed in crossing 21 days, but it did not become a habit. :-/ Later, i lost interest..


Never the one to give up, here I am trying yet one more time.. to actually keep up with my resolutions. They are always the same though πŸ˜€

  • Eat healthy food (and gain a little weight maybe) – translated in my world as at least one fruit or fruit juice a day..
  • Read more – Last year the number of books I had bought were much more than what I actually read (12, to be exact!!) And without any guess, that’s the lowest compared to all the years before.. 😐
  • Shop less !! (seriously, I’m fast evolving as an online-shopaholic)
  • I have already started this since last month – Pay attention to skincare.. Its high time i did that.. besides burning holes in my wallet every month in salons I’m going to give a try toΒ thisΒ too
  • At least one blog post in a week?? My shift has changed for this month. So i guess its totally doable in Jan.
  • Less fighting with him –Β akaΒ – less crying, less drama

Alright, let me see whether I succeed this year… And there’s one more thing… People might have come across this sooo many times.. But I’m gonna giveΒ thisΒ a try…The Happiness Jar Project!!

I’m yet to find a jar.. :P.. Will start it as soon as i find THE jar!!!

9 thoughts on “Time for resolutions…

  1. Ah, what an coincidence again. I had also given a though about opening the happiness piggy πŸ˜€

    Btw, rummaging through your older posts now. Do not get shocked with abnormal activities from the UAE :P.

      • I guess I have to open a jar of sorrows 😦 bad day at office..
        The truth is I didn’t get the perfect jar, (what I had in my mind) so dropping in a substitute jar for now..

      • awwww…hugs sweety. Things will get better soon paaru πŸ™‚

        You wont believe..but I am also actually looking for a cute jar for this. I want a polka dotted jar..but sometimes I feel I am being too silly and cheap in understanding the purpose of this concept by wanting a fancy jar. Whadooodooo πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      • Thanks a lot love πŸ™‚ they are getting better..
        Wowieee u like polka dots too??!!! I lurvve it too. Sthng else in common… πŸ˜€
        So what if we want sthng fancy, that would make us happy too, right? Hope we find our jar. THE jar…

Any thoughts??!!

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