Carols, Mistletoe and Fun

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…!!!

Oh I love Christmas Time… Even though its not exactly like in the West but we do have our own fun moments around this time. It’s all about welcoming baby Jesus into our homes. And I love decorating the house.. The green green Christmas tree, with all those cute and colorful ornaments and the cotton mom chooses to substitute instead of snow(!?!!) It’s the only time I guess, we as a family come together in doing all this stuff. Right from deciding where to have the nativity crib this year, and shopping for Christmas tree ornaments, always saying we don’t have enough stuff, I feel like during this time, even my voice is heard and my ideas acknowledged.

The best part though, comes after midnight, when we come back from Church, around 2am and have dinner together!! Yup, my first cousins and their family, join us every single year and happiness abounds all around. Apart from weddings, this is the time we all (17 of us) sit together, and have fun. My mom being the perfect hostess she always is, prepares all the food in advance, before going to Church at 12. Which means she has to be in kitchen the whole day.. Lots of work for her, lots of fun for us..

Christmas was more fun when i was at school. Exams would be over, no worries, a carefree life… Full on Christmassy mood… Before the school closes for the holidays, we have our own Nativity skit and LOTSSS of Christmas Carols, and in the end one of our school teachers dress up like Santa, anddd its always fun to guess who is behind that mask… To be that kid again!!!

Here it comes, in few days… Will post pics IF I go home…

For now, few pics from Pinterest for that festive mood..

Christmas lights

                                                         So True!!!!

A beautiful wooden tree (build w/recycled wood) which is blank inside, allowing you to place the crib, or gifts, or only lights that will show dramatically in darkness ... Also when spend Christmas, you can place it in your garden, putting in small pots or even to convert caddy ... tools ...

                                Outside in the snow

To sit in the dark with only the lights of the Christmas Tree!!!

All I want for Christmas is happiness.                                                       


Any thoughts??!!

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