Cry and feel better….

Don’t be such a cry baby…

Crying wouldn’t get you anywhere… Doesn’t fix anything!

I thought you were matured enough to handle stuff.. I didn’t know you are so sensitive..


Well these are the accusations thrown at me these days… Not that I cry 24×7. Once in a while, the miserable other half of my life wears me out and I end up in tears. Sometimes, I don’t even realize my eyes are welling up. It just happens, you know. All of a sudden, I would remember something, and that would throw me off-guard. And this occurs more than often. Someone mentions family.. I break. Someone mentions a cute niece, I break. Someone mentions marriage, I break. These are the things that are permanently on my anxiety cloud. My parents and my brother are still on their no-talking-to-her-until-she-obliges-for-marriage game plan. And I miss my niece very often, now that she has started talking, I miss her even more. Marriage… well, that’s totally a part of all my rants in this blog. So no more about that.

It so happened that I cried in office the other day…  Feels stupid now (like everything else I do :P) But it was not for the aforementioned 3 reasons… I cried because I couldn’t answer what my TL had asked. Totally lame, I know… I ended up making him feel bad.. And got a earful from B for crying in front of “strangers”.

I’ve read that crying makes you emotionally better, but I’m not sure that’s true in all cases. I’ve felt worst and all the more lost, at times. B never likes it when I cry. He says the second line mentioned above. He is all about not losing your ‘cool’, just like his favorite Captain Cool- MS Dhoni.

I cry over death, break-ups, reunions and weddings in books, movies and sitcoms. I cried hard when they made a memorial for Bonnie in The vampire diaries season-5. I cried when Chandler proposed to Monica. I cried when Holly calls Gerry’s phone, just so she could hear her dead husband in his ‘leave a message’ in P.S I love you. I cry every time I listen to ‘maa’ song from Taare Zameen Par.

So yes, I’m emotionally unstable… But what would life be without tears…  If it helps in relieving something off, you better cry.. 



Any thoughts??!!

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