Misssss…. she is absent misssss…. !!!

Back in school, when the teacher takes the attendance there would be one girl who shrieks about a classmate who is not there. There would be a discussion on why she s absent which would later jump to jealous conversations on how lucky is she to skip that day’s test..

Goddd… how I wish I could be that lucky girl now.. 😦
Its been two months exactly since I joined my new job. And there’s hardly a weekend where I could sit and relax.. let alone blog… sighh!!!!
Second shift sucks you know….


4 thoughts on “Absence

  1. Okay, will a sick note do? Lol 🙂
    Sorry trying to make you smile. Hopefully in time you will get that weekend your craving. Seems unfair to have no break at all! 😦
    Many hugs my friend and I hope apart from work that life is being kind to you. Hugs Paula xxxx

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