Two Fates: The story of my divorce- Review

Okay, so what happens after they get married? Happily ever after???

There aren’t much movies or books about life after marriage, how the couples cope up with every day problems. And me, especially like these sort of books or movies. Like Alaipayuthey( Saathiya in hindi), What happens in Vegas and Parthiban Kanavu. (cheesy??!!). When Chetan Bhagat’s “Two States” came out, it was on every body’s “to-read” list and after reading they couldn’t stop wondering how cute the pair was, and how hard they struggled to have a love-cum-arranged marriage. How long could a Punjabi boy and a Tamil girl stay happily married? Well, since no one thought to explore about it, Judy Balan came up with Two Fates: the Story of my Divorce in 2011 (hehehe, pretty late in reviewing, i know. It was in my drafts a long time:P)

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It’s the classic tale of Punjabi boy-meets-Tamilian girl, they fall in love, the families oppose it, but love conquers all and they get married to live happily ever after. Or do they? There’s a twist in this hilarious tale by Judy Balan when, four years down the line, Rishab and Deepika fall out of love. But if getting married was hard, getting divorced is much, much harder because, by now, their families have fallen in love – with each other. And will leave no stone unturned to make sure that what the Fates have joined together, no couple shall put asunder, even if it means staying together themselves as one big, inter-community family.

I’ve been following Judy Balan’s blog for sometime, and she is definitely FUN!! She has two books to her credit, and this is her debut novel. I loved her writing style – simple, funny, sarcastic and relatable. The D-word is still considered to be taboo in Indian society and neighbors and nosy aunties make the painful journey even more wretched.. But Two fates has a different take on divorce and how the lead pair together plots it in an amusing way.

Rishab and Deepika are your average marital-bliss-long-gone couple, who constantly bicker and never make up. Tired of their passionless life and different dreams, they opt for a divorce, but one that doesn’t affect their families. Unfortunately for them, the families which were stubborn against their marriage, are now in love with each other and are determined in their motive to have a grandchild. The pair tries all sorts of ways in making the divorce happen and their families go overboard in their mission by sending them for a second honeymoon(!!!??!!!) to Edinburgh. To make matters worse, Deepika’s brother and Rishab’s sister fall in love, which is happily welcomed by the Tamil and Punjabi khandaan. 

All along you hope they stay in their relationship together, coz they are kinda cute while fighting. Indifference arises after living together with the person and the author has humorously related them. The only drag i found was, the London holidaying. It was a bit over imaginative, i guess. Well, the ending is what one could hope for, but told in a better and filmy way. Do read the book, if you haven’t yet. It could be found online as well.. 🙂 Happy reading…


7 thoughts on “Two Fates: The story of my divorce- Review

  1. Hey, sorry but this post tells me nothing found! Strange because I could read it but not comment?

    I heard this song on the weekend and thought of you and your man. Its beautiful and sad. Lol. Its about 2 people in love but the family don’t want them to be together. Its by Neil Diamond. If I remember what its called I’ll let you know! As long as you promise not to cry. :). Hugs Paula x

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  2. Okay, its called. Girl, You’ll be a woman Soon.

    You will see why this relates to your situation. X

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